On September 13th and 14th, 2013, the Class of 1973 reunited to celebrate 40 years since graduating from SPC. This class has had many reunions through the years and they are still going strong. Many fond stories were shared over the course of the weekend. Some trivia from the Class of 1973 thanks to Luke Atwood and Jim Kelly:

Note: Trivia was updated October 2013
145 students started out in 1st grade in the 1965-1966 school year. There were three classrooms with a Mercy sister in each room. (2 TEACHERS STILL ALIVE)

2nd Grade ~ 3 classrooms 2 Sisters, (2 TEACHERS STILL ALIVE)
Many students left after making their Communion this year.

3rd Grade ~ 3 classrooms 2 Sisters (2 TEACHERS STILL ALIVE)

4th Grade ~ 3 classrooms All Lay Teachers (1 TEACHER ALIVE)

A few more students left after making their Confirmation in 4th grade.

5th Grade ~ 3 classrooms 2 Sisters (ALL ARE DECEASED)

6th Grade ~ 3 classrooms 1 Sister (1 TEACHER STILL ALIVE)

Another wave left due to a possible closing due to finances or parents wanted kids to experience a larger class experience to prepare for high school.
7th Grade ~ 3 classrooms No Sisters (6 TEACHERS STILL ALIVE)
8th Grade ~ 3 classrooms No Sisters (6 TEACHERS STILL ALIVE)

Art and Music teachers are both alive and well and make it to most reunions. All the other living teachers make every effort to attend the reunions. When they haven’t been able to make it, they’ve sent nice notes of encouragement and some pictures.

87 of us graduated on June 3, 1973. Since then 4 classmates have died. We are in contact with all of our classmates except one. No one seems to know where he is these days. We are also in contact with very many of our classmates who left after 2nd, 4th, or 6th grade.

There were 5 Susans and 5 James in the graduating class.

We celebrate every 5 years, but there are smaller impromptu gatherings in between those milestones. ie. A St. Paul milestone, a band concert featuring a classmate in the band, an art show featuring our Art teacher.

Fr. Pat Brennan was contemplating priesthood during our junior high years.

One married couple within our grade at St. Paul.

Since our 40th reunion September 14, there’s been a gathering at a Crystal Lake Summerfest to hear a classmate in his band, a golf outing for St. Paul grads, and Barrington’s Art in the Barn this weekend to see our Art teacher who lives in Ohio.

I try to read obituaries daily and email classmates when a classmate’s parent or sibling dies. This has made for some very meaningful reconnections at the wakes or funerals.

Next official reunion 2018! 45 Years