Service and Outreach

We work to instill in each of our students a lifelong desire and commitment to helping others. An important focus for our campus ministry program is putting our faith into action through service to others. All of our students participate in local, national and/or international community service projects. These projects vary from year to year and often correspond with the interests of individual grades.

Des Plaines Garden Club May 2024

"On behalf of the Des Plaines Garden Club, please accept my grateful thanks for the very helpful students who came to help for our annual Plant Sale.

Not only did they arrive promptly, they were ready to help. Everyone was very polite which is very refreshing. All of our members who were at the plant sale have either spoken to me that day, emailed me, or called to  say how much the young people from St Paul of the Cross did to make our day run smoothly. The students were asking what can I do next ? Whether it was unloading a truck which arrived late, setting up tables, helping the customers carry purchases to their cars, keeping the area tidy and most of all when our club members had not an ounce of energy left at the end of the sale, their young legs took many load of trash to the dumpster.  We are indeed grateful for all their help.

The Character of these young people is a direct reflection on the education and direction they are receiving at school. You, your administration and the parents should be very proud of how well they represented St. Paul of the Cross School."

Bernie's Books April 2024
Third Grade students sorted 12,500 books at Bernie’s Book Bank. During Week of the Young Child, April 14-19, we will be collecting used books for Bernie’s Book Bank.

BerniesBooks Website


We are excited to announce our 2024 partnership with Catholic Extension! Since 2018, we have partnered with Catholic Extension for our Lenten Almsgiving. What the parish and school have been able to accomplish during this time is truly amazing. Please click here for an overview of projects throughout the years. 

Our 2024 Lenten Almsgiving is supporting missionary priests in the Diocese of Cheyanne, Wyoming. Please click here for an overview of this year's project. 

"Lent is a favorable season for opening the doors to all those in need and recognizing in them the face of Christ" -- Pope Francis