The SPC School Board servers in an advisory capacity to the Pastor of the St. Paul of the Cross Parish and the Principal of the St. Paul of the Cross School.

The Board’s Mission is to support, promote and evangelize the following: “We believe that God’s will is to spread the Good News and make disciples as Jesus did. St. Paul of the Cross School is committed to minister and teach His message to our children. We are committed to develop a community of love and service in which the child grows academically, socially and spiritually in cooperation with his/her parents. In particular, we will impart a knowledge of the needs of the poor and an awareness of third world countries.”

St. Paul of the Cross School Board is responsible for the development of policies to govern the operation of the school. All such policies must be in accordance with those established by the Archdiocesan School Board and are subject to the pastor's approval. The pastor, in collaboration with the board, shall screen, interview, and hire the principal. It is the responsibility of the Board to review and advise on the annual budget prepared by the principal. Final approval of this budget is the responsibility of the pastor. The Board is also responsible for working with the pastor and the principal to set tuition rates and develop and support fund-raising necessary for operating the school.

The Board has seven members who are elected for a three-year term. The Principal and Pastor also serve on the Board, but are not voting members. The Pastor retains the final decision-making responsibility on all Board recommendations. Elections are held each year in the month of May.
The School Board meets the last Tuesday of the month from September through June. Notice of Board meetings is published in the monthly calendar. Detailed minutes are taken at every Board meeting and are posted on this web page as soon as they are approved which is usually at the next month's meeting. The School Board sets annual goals and evaluates its progress in accomplishing goals each year.

The 2023-24 SPC School Advisory Board Members:

Siobhan Haugh - President
Jackie Stengle - Vice President
Scott Foster - Secretary
Diana Enderle
Salomea Klunzinger
Les Bogdanowicz
David DeTagyos

School Board Meeting Dates 2023-24 and Meeting Minutes
(usually the last Tuesday of the month)

Tuesday 8/29/2023 Executive Session
Tuesday 9/26/2023 Executive Session & Open Meeting
Tuesday 10/24/2022 Executive Session
(Third Tuesday because Halloween is on the last Tuesday)
Tuesday 11/28/2022 Executive Session & Open Meeting
(No meeting in December)
Tuesday 1/30/2024 Executive Session & Open Meeting
Tuesday 2/27/2024 Executive Session
Tuesday 3/26/2024 Executive Session & Open Meeting
Tuesday 4/30/2024 Executive Session
Tuesday 5/21/2024 Executive Session & Open Meeting
(3rd Tuesday to avoid conflicts with graduation events)

Open meetings:
7:30pm in Duffin Hall - all parishioners and parents welcome

Contacting the Board
The Board welcomes your questions and comments! Please email our Board President, Mrs. Siobhan Haugh, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact the School Board