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SPC Sports - Compliance Information and Forms

Sports physicals for all student-athletes must be on file before the first day of practice. 
Sports Physical Form

Please see below for all the details regarding compliance guidelines from the Archdiocese of Chicago to volunteer at St. Paul of the Cross School. These steps must be completed before you can coach a practice/game.

A volunteer is considered anyone working with children in any capacity and is not getting paid for it. A volunteer would be considered a room parent, coach, assistant coach, chaperone, secret reader, group helper, etc. No one will be able to begin any position until all the requirements have been completed!

Step 1: Create a VIRTUS account online at On this site you must complete all the necessary training in order to be in school and around children. No one will be assigned a job (room parent, coach, recess helper, board member, etc.) until all compliance requirements have been met. **If you have previously volunteered at another Catholic school, please change your site to St. Paul of the Cross School.

Step 2: Complete the Criminal Background Check that is prompted on Virtus. Background Checks will be rechecked every three years through Virtus.

Step 3: Complete the CANTS form, which is a yearly check of the central registry of DCFS.

Step 4: PGC (Protecting God’s Children) training session. Register and attend the online class within 15 days of beginning volunteering. If you have already completed the class, there is a three-year recertification program done through Virtus entitled KPA (Keeping the Promise Alive.) When recertification is due, it will be prompted on your Virtus account.

Step 5: ASB (Archdiocesan Standards of Behavior), formerly Code of Conduct. Read and sign at the time service begins and re-acknowledged yearly through Virtus.

Step 6: Mandated Reporter Training from the State of Illinois website. 

A CANTS 22 acknowledgment form must also be signed and kept on file. Recertification is every 3 years, including the acknowledgment form.

Parents, please complete and return the concussion protocol before the first practice/game. All parents and students must sign the waiver and turn in a signed paper copy (do not email) to the school to have on file before the first practice/game.
Student/Parent Concussion Information and Acknowledgement

Coaches/Assistant coaches must take a certification course and provide proof to the school that the course was completed before the first practice. If no practices occur, it must be done before the first game. You can find the link for the course below.
Concussion Certification

If you have any questions about the information above please contact Kelly Spanos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..