Battle of the Books

Grades 4-5

St. Paul of the Cross School is proud be a part of the Park Ridge Public Library's Battle of the Books. 

The SPC Battle of the Books Team practices once per week during lunch in the LMC throughout the fall and winter months.

The meets begin in January and go through late February. At a meet, four teams choose from questions written by the Park Ridge librarians. Each team tries to answer 15 questions. The answers are always the title and author of the current Battle books. Points are given for correct answers. Up to eight members of a team can play during a meet.

When the season ends, the cumulative scores from all the meets are tallied and the three teams with the highest scores win. The library has a party for all the participants where ribbons and certificates are awarded.

Each spring, a new list of 60 books is compiled by the Park Ridge Public Library children's librarians for the coming year. Most books stay on the list for two years. Titles cover a wide range of reading interests and abilities.

As soon as the list comes out, students can start reading. During the summer, the Park Ridge Public Library has a special program called "Battle Boot Camp" to discuss books on the list and let kids know how a Battle works. Parents are invited to attend "Battle Boot Camp" with their children.

We form our team in the fall. Meets are held on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoons at 4:00 p.m.

The schedule is posted at the Library and sent to each school.

Please click here to view the Park Ridge Public Library's Battle of the Books page for more information.