Academic Team

Academic Team Moderators: Mrs. Anne Hoversen and Mr. Paul Okimoto

Academic Team is a team of 8th grade students who compete against other junior high Chicagoland schools in academic competition.

Students are chosen from the 8th grade after taking a test, which is a match from a former competition. The top ten achieving students on this test are invited to the team. 

The students practice twice a week throughout the year and are invited to various competitions at Chicagoland high schools. They also compete in online competitions throughout the Midwest. 

The format of the meets are based on toss-up and bonus questions from the curriculum areas of history, literature, science, sports, and pop culture. Participants benefit from exposure to a broad range of school and cultural subjects, memorization and study skills, and an improved ability to cooperate and work in teams.

2017-2018 School Year

Exciting Updates from Mr. Okimoto November 12, 2017 

Loyola Academy Academic Bowl

On Saturday, November 11th, the Academic Team had an amazing day at one of the most rigorous regional Academic Bowls. They played in 8 matches during the day. They had 5 matches before lunch losing only one match by 30 points (3 questions). This put the team into one of the championship brackets.

In the afternoon they advanced through that bracket and advanced to the Championship Match. The Championship was a nail biter. It came down to the last question. Both teams were tied. The SPC team took Second Place in the tournament. What an outstanding day. 

This qualified the team for Nationals in May at the Hyatt in Rosemont!

  Exciting updates from Mr. Paul Okimoto October 26, 2017

Notre Dame College Prep Tournament
Academic Team ND Tourny

Amanda B., Noel C., Aidan D., Will F., Sean G., Mia K., Fiona N., Bradley O., Renee P., Daniella P.,
Emily W., & Adriana Z.

The SPC Academic Team participated in a two week tournament at Notre Dame College Prep. Last week the team came in first and was able to advance to the championship rounds this week. This past Tuesday, the team was on a roll winning its first four matches with ease. In our final match it came down to one question, if we get it we win.

​​​​​​​The team knew the answer, but the other team was faster with the buzzer and won the match. The tournament then had three teams with one loss each. Since those three teams lost to each other, the tournament would be decided by total points. The SPC team came in 2nd place by less than 15 points (1 toss up and a bonus question).

I am very proud of their hard work and effort at this meet.