Volunteer Opportunities

Virtus Requirements and Forms

St. Paul of the Cross School appreciates the generosity of parents and community members in giving their time to the school and the students. The Archdiocese has a program in place called "Protecting God's Children" and a series of Virtus requirements and forms that are filled out prior to volunteer service to our school. Please click on each of the links below to learn more about these requirements.

Protecting God's Children Letter

Volunteer Application

eAppsDB - Online application with the Archdiocese of Chicago

Background Check (CANTS)

Code of Conduct

 If you have not previously taken a Virtus Training Session, you are required by the Archdiocese to attend one before beginning work as a school volunteer or a catechist. 

When new sessions are scheduled, they will be posted here. None are currently scheduled at St. Paul, but training sessions are available at other location.
 In order to register for one of these sessions, you will need to:
1. go online at www.virtus.org.
2. On the left side of the page click “Registration.”
3. Select Organization: Chicago, IL (Archdiocese)
4. Continue registration process, then select the session you wish to attend.