October 22, 2020

Dear SPC Families,

I feel that all my Thursday mailings are COVID updates….I long for the days when we can leave this all behind! However, as cases begin to rise, please review the guidelines so that we can stay in school and keep everyone healthy!

New Sunday Mass Option Beginning Soon in the Gym:  
In an effort to have more opportunity for in-person Mass attendance, the Parish is going to start offering a gym Mass on Sundays. I want to assure all our families that proper cleaning will be done after each Mass prior to our students returning on Mondays.  

Travel Restrictions - Please note new states added:
More states have been added to the travel ban list. I know many of you have asked, “We are in Park Ridge; why do we follow Chicago?” My simple answer is, “Because we are overachievers and we want the harder challenge.” HOWEVER, the reality is that we are on the border of two “lists,” and the Archdiocese guidance is that we follow the stricter of the two lists. This guidance is only for the people that travel; if parents travel, children do not need to quarantine. If children travel--they quarantine. 

Please see below for the updated Travel List as of 10/20: 5 NEW STATES ADDED ON TUESDAY 


New Covid Testing and Doctor's Note Guidance:
The local departments of public health in Illinois, Cook County, and Chicago have recently updated their guidance concerning COVID-19 testing and return-to-work/school admittance.

Based on this new guidance, any individual (student or employee) who experiences COVID-like symptom(s):
Should be sent home immediately with any siblings
All students in the home may return to school if the symptoms dissipate within 24 hours and they have not been exposed to any individual infected with COVID-19. If symptoms do not dissipate within 24 hours, the individual should be:

  • referred to their healthcare provider for COVID-19 testing (it is important to note the type of test administered)
  • quarantined with the entire family while awaiting the test result.

The individual may return to school if both of the following criteria are met:

  • Documentation of a negative test for COVID-19
  • 24-hours with no fever (without fever-reducing medication)

If symptoms persist, the individual should obtain an alternate diagnosis from a medical provider in addition to the negative COVID-19 diagnosis (e.g., strep throat diagnosis and negative COVID-19 result).

If an alternative diagnosis of a communicable illness is provided, the individual should stay home until symptoms have receded per the doctor’s instruction. As a reminder, a doctor’s note is not required for individuals who are:

Confirmed COVID-19 positive. For the individual to return to school, he or she must have:

  • Remained at home for 10 days
  • No fever for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medication), and
  • A general reduction of other symptoms by 75% or more

Quarantined, but not symptomatic, due to COVID-19 exposure. Individuals may return to school if they have been quarantined for 14 days and not developed symptoms of COVID-19 during that time.

Reminder about dropping off items: 
Please remember that we are trying to limit parents from coming in and out of the buildings. This means no dropping off things like water bottles, homework, chrome books, projects, etc. Lunches and glasses will be accepted; however, we are noticing that some students have lunch dropped off almost every day. Students need to be responsible for making sure they have it with them when they leave the house in the morning.

Morning Arrival: 

Please be aware that students coming to school in the EGC will be marked tardy after 8:00. Parents must walk their child(ren) into the building and sign for them. Students coming to the UGC will be marked tardy after 8:10. It is important to get your child(ren) to school on time as it gets them used to a routine and does not disrupt the homeroom.

Dr. Erika Mickelburgh

EC draft2Virtual Tour Oct.2020 copy 2

SPC Early Childhood Virtual Tour/Presentation October 27th at 10:00 am
We are hosting our first Virtual Early Childhood Presentation and Tour on Tuesday, October 27th at 10:00 am. Spread the word with your family and friends!
Please RSVP here. 

Social-Emotional Wellness Resources:

Community Resources:

Social Skills Group: Ages 5 & 6

Urban Wellness Parent Webinars

SPC Virtual Girls Group: 

What: Raising resilience - A virtual group for girls focused on self-empowerment. Some topics covered will include building self-esteem, friendship, kindness, cyberbullying, leadership, and tackling conflicting emotions. 

Who: 5th and 6th-grade girls

When: Starting the week of October 26th lasting 8 weeks during lunch and recess 

Who leads the group: Missy Williams and Katie McCarthy are clinical interns at Chicago Psychotherapy and in their second year of receiving their Masters in Counseling at Northwestern University. 

Want to sign up?: Email Ronda Quinn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Parent Strategies to Help Children and Teen Get the Sleep They Need.


School Directory
You should have received an email recently with directions on how to order the SPC directory so that you can have access to contact information for other families. Due to the complexities of this school year, there will be no printed version of the directory. You can order access to the online version by following the directions in the email.

If you did not receive the email about the directory, please let Wendy Diez know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 847-226-8955.

SPC Home & School Association

TRIP Information! 
On behalf of the Home and School Association, welcome to St. Paul of the Cross.I wanted to quickly introduce myself as your new T.R.I.P. (Tuition Reimbursement Incentive Plan) Coordinator for the 2020-2021 school year.If you are unfamiliar with T.R.I.P., more information can be found here on our website.T.R.I.P. offers excellent rebates through purchases of e-gift cards that families use every day.  Ranging from Lands End Uniforms to Amazon to local restaurants and more- you are able to put small percentages of your purchases back towards your FACTS account with St. Paul of the Cross.You may register for your account here, and even transfer your profile from your former school (if one exists) by using the code C21ELFAD426

Due to COVID this year, we are suspending the purchase of physical gift cards until further notice. There are several gift cards that we have on hand that can be purchased on a first come, first serve basis by emailing Tiffany Braun atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You must have a valid TRIP account to purchase these cards before emailing. Checks will need to be made out to SPC TRIP, or you can arrange a credit card payment through Shop with Scrip after emailing Tiffany.
Please click here for our current inventory.


Magnets and Totes
Have you seen the cool SPC canvas tote bags and car magnets around town? The tote bags are a natural colored canvas with an embroidered SPC logo, navy accents, top zip and front pocket. Handles are long enough to go over the shoulder. Car magnets are a great way to show off that SPC is the place to be!
These are available for purchase on the Home and School Association webpage.
Please visit our web page by clicking here (https://www.spc-school.net/parents/homeandschool), select the quantity and your purchase will be delivered to you at pick up or drop off. All proceeds/profit support Home & School expenses. If you have any questions, please contact Maria Almendarez Gemoets at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



We have an active and vibrant parish and encourage everyone to read the weekly bulletins for Fr. Britto's weekly letter and stay informed about all upcoming events and programs.
Please click here for the October 25th bulletin.



St. Viator High School Upcoming Enrollment Event October 22nd

Regina Dominican Open House October 22nd 6:00-8:00 pm 
Please click on the link for more information and to register.

St. Pat's Upcoming Admissions Events 



Bernie's Book Bank Children's Book Drive October 24th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Please click here to download the flyer with all of the details!

District 64 Early Childhood Developmental Screenings 
District 64 Diagnostic Team is offering a screening for families with children under the age of three who have concerns with their child's development.

Also, District 64 offers monthly preschool screening for children ages 3-6 who are not yet in kindergarten. All screenings are offered virtually at this time. Please see below to download the information.

District 64 Early Childhood Developmental Screenings

Loyola Academy Dance Clinic
Loyola Academy dance team will be hosting a virtual dance clinic on November 3rd and 4th. Please click on this link to download the flyer for all the details.