July 16, 2020 School Reopening Updates

Dear SPC Families,

Thank you for your patience as we work to best inform you of all the decisions being made for Fall 2020. The reopening teams are busy finalizing plans, but I want to make you aware of some information as it becomes available. 

If you have not already enrolled or made your tuition agreement, please do that ASAP, there is important information at the end of this letter regarding re-enrollment.

This email contains the following information: 

  • 2020-2021 Calendar Changes (as of 7/15/2020)
  • Early Childhood Considerations
  • FAQs (from last week's parent's survey)
  • Remote Learning Option through the Office of Catholic Schools
  • Re-enrollment information-NEW


It is essential to have time to orientate all students on the new safety protocols for the fall. As school will look different for all of us returning to the building, we have created two days of orientation to do this effectively. During Orientation, students will do the following with their homeroom teachers:

  • Meet their teacher and cohort
  • Ask questions
  • Learn new safety procedures
  • Practice the arrival procedures
  • Bring their school supplies

Orientation schedules are as follows, and we know that this may mean families have to make a few trips to school, but it is important that we phase in the school year in this manner, and we appreciate your understanding. Parents will not be allowed to enter the building with their children. 

For August 25th and 26th, students will only attend (no uniform required) for their assigned time. 

August 25th:
8:00-10:00 Orientation for Grades: 8, 3, 1
10:30-12:30 Orientation for Grades 7, 4, 2

August 26th: 
8:00-10:00 Orientation for Grades 6 and Kindergarten
10:30-12:30 Orientation for 5th Grade

Early Childhood will be given a more specific orientation schedule at a later date. 

NEW SCHOOL START DATE:  August 27th for all grades! 


TIGER FUN RUN--Moved to May 

GRANDPARENTS DAY-Postponed indefinitely

FALL Parent-Teacher Conferences-Moved to October 8th and 9th (will happen via zoom-this will allow for mid-trimester conferences and an extended Columbus Day Break)

Holiday Breaks: I do not anticipate any changes to Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter Vacation.


We know the early childhood classroom is unique; therefore, the Office of Catholic Schools has just released guidelines specifically for Early Childhood. If you have an Early Childhood student, you also received an email from me earlier today. 

  • The Archdiocese has released more guidelines related to Early Childhood that will be the guiding principles for our Early Childhood teachers.   Please click here for the guidelines.
  • Included in the guidelines above are excellent developmentally appropriate resources to help you and your child navigate social distancing and masks. 
  • I have ordered portable handwashing stations for all classrooms in grades Preschool-Kindergarten. These mobile handwashing stations contain warm and cold water, which will allow us to keep little hands clean and minimize hand sanitizer use.

FAQS: (These questions appeared on the survey last week that I am able to answer at this time) If you have not already read through the documents sent from the Archdiocese, I highly recommend you read them. They are very detailed and answer many questions. These are the documents that are guiding our work at SPC.   CLICK HERE FOR THE ARCHDIOCESE REOPENING PLAN.


What type of thermometer is being used? 
We will be using a touchless infrared thermometer to take students' temperatures.

Will children be allowed to wear shields instead of masks?
No, in compliance with the directives from the Illinois State Board of Education, all students must wear a face mask. This was not a local decision. 

Will teachers be allowed to wear face shields instead of masks?
Only Early Childhood teachers and aides, speech therapists, social workers, and inclusion teachers are allowed to wear face shields. All other teachers and staff members will have to wear a mask.

What type of mask should my child wear?
Whatever type of mask makes them happy and comfortable. If they want Elsa on the mask--that is great! If they want Batman on their mask---super! 

Is there a timeframe provided of when masks could be eliminated? 
When the Illinois State Board of Education and the Archdiocese of Chicago Office of Catholic Schools deems it safe for students to remove masks.

I noticed in the Archdiocese plan that if kids are outside and social distancing, masks can be removed? Will that be able to happen at SPC?
YES! We are blessed at SPC with a gorgeous campus with many beautiful outside spaces. We are identifying spaces outside and creating a schedule where classes (weather permitting) can take place outside. We may have students bring a small mat to sit on when they go outside (like a small towel). Students will have to remain 6 feet apart during these times.

Will teachers have to quarantine if they take a trip? 
Yes, employees who travel internationally or to states with significant COVID-19 outbreaks (as determined by the CDC) must remain home for at least two weeks following their arrival home. 

Will children be allowed to bring/use water bottles instead of using the water fountain? 
Yes. Water bottles will be filled via the fillable drinking fountains. The water fountains will be shut off for all drinking fountains.

Will I still be allowed to volunteer?
Volunteers will be significantly limited at SPC this year, and we will be diligent in limiting the risk of outside exposure. Teachers will be supervising lunch and recess. 

Will Hot Lunch Friday's still be offered?
YES! Healthy Kids Kitchen and Home Run Inn are able to offer pre-packaged lunches, so we will continue the program! Everyone loves Pizza Fridays!


Will students go to Mass in person or watch Mass virtually?
It is important to both Father Britto and Dr. M that our students are able to attend Mass in person! While we will not be able to gather for all school Masses, we are creating a schedule where students will attend Mass outside while the weather permits. We will plan Masses in line with the guidelines for Parish Masses. Students will attend Mass weekly. 

Will extended day programs be offered, such as Sticky Fingers and Bricks for Kids?
That has not been determined at this time. Chances are very slim that we will be able to offer these programs in the fall.

Will athletics be offered?
That has not been determined at this time. 

How are cohorts defined?
Cohorts are defined as homerooms. 

Will Dr. M consider changing cohort assignments after I receive my childś assignments? 
No. Classroom/Cohort assignments will not be changed under any circumstances.  

How will cohorts in the UGC take into consideration Advanced Math? (only applicable for grades 6-7-8)
The Master Schedule was completely revised this weekend to allow for all students in a particular grade (6-7-8)to take their math class at the same class period. 

For example--all 8th graders will take math period 1, all 6th graders will take Math period 3, and all 7th graders will take Math period 5. 

Cohorts are allowed to move to a different classroom (as long as safety precautions are in place) for Math. Therefore cohorts are not being defined by Math groups. After Math, students will return to their homerooms where their teachers will be rotating to the classrooms. 

Where will PE take place?
Weather permitting, PE will take place outside!

How will electives for 7th and 8th Grade be decided? 
Elective registration will be sent out next week. Once completed, we will designate (based on interest) 7th grade and 8th grade electives. We will not be able to mix grade levels until we are allowed to mix cohorts. As a result, we have to alter some offerings. 

Will twins be placed in the same cohort? 
Yes. Typically twins are separated into different homerooms after 2nd or 3rd grade. Given the potential for quarantine, twins will be assigned to the same cohort for this year.

Will SPC definitely be back to 5 full days of instruction, or is there an option for SPC to choose a hybrid of in-person and remote learning, allowing students to attend in shifts?

No, the Archdiocese of Chicago has planned for a return to 5 full days of instruction. Families who wish to enroll in the Archdiocese Remote Learning Program will be enrolled through SPC. Please see below for more information on this option and a link to register. 

The Reopening Plan for the Archdiocese mentions a remote learning option if I choose to keep my child home. What are the details? 


Families who wish to continue to be enrolled at SPC and the Office of Catholic School Remote Learning Program should complete the registration form below. At the moment, details available are as follows:

  • The cost of the program is SPC tuition.
  • SPC will provide students with a chrome book to complete the remote learning option.
  • The curriculum will be aligned to OCS standards and benchmarks but may NOT mirror the SPC curriculum specifically. However, SPC does use the OCS benchmarks and priority standards in planning our curriculum.
  • If a family enrolls by August 12th, classes would begin September 8th; if enrolled by September 11th, classes would begin September 28th. It is important to note that those who elect Remote Learning will not start on SPC's start date).
  • CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR CHILD FOR THE OCS REMOTE LEARNING COURSES.  You will receive more information at a later date. This means you will not receive a homeroom assignment from SPC in the fall but will be able to return to SPC at any time.

TUITION: Please refer to the documents previously sent from the Archdiocese related to tuition questions.  CLICK HERE (Answers regarding tuition are located on page 12)

The Health and Safety Reopening Team is currently tackling the logistics regarding arrival and dismissal. More information to follow at a later date. We will stagger arrival from 7:45-8:10 and dismissal from 2:50-3:15 to allow for traffic to disperse. We will also be redesigning the drop off traffic patterns as each grade will have their own arrival and dismissal door. 




  • ALL RE-ENROLLMENT IS DUE AUGUST 1st. If you have not indicated your return to SPC, please do so now. We have many grades that are reaching capacity, and we have waitlists in Early Childhood and 7th grade. If you do not re-enroll by August 1st, you risk losing your child's spot. 
  • No classroom assignments or class schedules will be distributed until the re-enrollment has been finalized. On August 6th, we will mail home classroom assignments and schedules. If your family has not completed the above re-enrollment, your mailing will be delayed. 

Thank you to those who selected their payment plan in the tuition section of the online enrollment process. Please complete the online enrollment forms listed in the left menu, beginning with the Enrollee Information form. The tuition portion is required now, and all other portions may be completed and submitted by August 1st. 

Feedback will be provided throughout the process to help you complete the enrollment packet. A yellow caution sign will appear in the menu next to forms that are missing required information. If a form contains all required information, a green checkmark will appear next to the form's menu item. You may save and return to your packet at any time. 

Please refer to emails sent to you from Meghan Waldeck to finalize the re-enrollment packet and finalize tuition. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Meghan Waldeck at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you again for your attention to this email. There is so much information and it is being refined daily! Even though this is quite the task, I find great joy in knowing that we will be together again in August! May God continue to watch over you all!


Dr. Erika Mickelburgh