The interscholastic athletic program at St. Paul of the Cross School is a volunteer program. Members
of the Athletic Committee, coaches, and volunteers give freely of their time to help insure the program’s success and to make it a meaningful, rewarding, and enjoyable experience for all who participate in it.

The Athletic Committee, whose members are approved by the Principal and the Pastor, administers the St. Paul of the Cross Athletic Program. The Athletic Committee selects team coaches and support personnel.

St. Paul of the Cross participates as a full and active charter member of the City-Suburban Catholic Conference.

It is the philosophy of the Athletic Committee, through it’s members, programs, coaching staff and volunteers, to insure that participation in athletics is an enjoyable, rewarding, and learning experience for all who participate and to develop in our student athletes the following characteristics:

  • An interest in and an understanding of each sport’s rules.
  • Advancement in a student’s athletic abilities commensurate with his/her talents and dedication to the
  • To learn the values of sportsmanship and teamwork and to experience a sense of pride which accompanies personal growth and team achievement.
  • To master the discipline, dedication, and leadership skills that can be developed through participation in competitive team athletics.


Grade 8 Girls