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Lunch Options at SPC

Students may bring their lunch in reusable or paper lunch bags. Milk is available through the government milk program and students may choose skim white, 2% white, or chocolate milk. Smart Lunches will deliver hot/cold lunches to your child as often as you want, from every day to just once in a while. The menu changes daily and contains at least five options. See Smart Lunches below for more information.

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Smart Lunches Flyer

The digital version of the April calendar can be accessed here. Click here to read a letter from our CEO, describing the changes for parents.  These changes will make our lunches hotter, tastier, and easier to distribute at lunch time! 

Dear Parents,

Smart Lunches is excited to announce that our lunch service at your school is now open for ordering. We’re excited to save you time and feed your child delicious, nourishing lunches this year.
The first day of deliveries will be August 29, 2016. All orders must be placed 2 business days in advance. Make sure to place your orders by midnight on Thursday August 25, 2016 for the first day of deliveries.
Kid-Approved Lunches
Smart Lunches’ menu is full of lunches kids love to eat, such as baked chicken fingers, mac & cheese, and more. And we’ve created brand new lunch options like French toast with sausage, baked potato bar, and turkey tacos based on feedback from hundreds of kids.
Easy Ordering
Smart Lunches can deliver nourishing lunches to your child as often as you want; every day or just once in a while. Order online and nourishing lunches are delivered directly to your child at school. Try our cost-effective monthly meal plan or just order on the days you need Smart Lunches the most!
More Menu Variety
The Smart Lunches menu changes every day and always contains at least five great lunch options. There’s lots of variety, too--we offer over 50 unique lunch options within a three-week period!
Serious Service
We take our commitment to serve your luncher a nutritious, delicious meal seriously. We believe in Total Luncher Satisfaction: we get it right, and your luncher likes it, or it’s on us. Guaranteed.
Every Smart Lunch is prepared fresh daily and delivered directly to your child at school. If you're looking for a convenient, nourishing lunch option, give Smart Lunches a try this year! Go to to order lunches today.
Questions? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1-888-25 SMART.
Happy Lunching!
Your Smart Lunches Team