Noticias de Septiembre

Noticias de septiembre 2017

PS and PK- Students are learning how to greet in the morning, tell how they feel, tell their name, numbers, and Spanish songs.

Kindergarten is learning numbers uno-dos-tres-cuatro- cinco- seis- siete- ocho- nueve-diez; how to say good morning and tell their names when someone ask. They are also learning to tell how they are feeling. Coming up: body parts.

First grade is reviewing how to greet, tell, name, and feelings. Students are learning weather facts, more colors, and more numbers. Cultural outcomes: we are practicing Spanish songs.

Second grade is working with numbers 1 to 30 and more colors. Students are practicing how to write Spanish greetings and colors. Coming up: our pets.

Third grade is learning about morning, afternoon, and evening. Students reviewed greetings and exchanged information about them. They are learning months and seasons. Coming up: write a short conversation. 

Fourth grade is learning new greetings and short dialogues. Students are asking each other their names and feelings. Coming up: write a dialogo en Espanol. 

Fifth grade is working with greetings, feelings, and telling weather. Students are working on Spanish writing. Coming up:  Classroom and school supplies.

Sixth grade are working on greeting a classmate, tell and ask: name, feeling, and say good bye. Coming up: Spanish speaking countries

Seventh grade learned about Spanish cognates, words that are the same in English and Spanish and “el artículo” (article) Coming up: Hispanic Heritage month

Eight grade is working on more new greetings, useful vocabulary and phrases, and more AR verbs. Students revisited subject pronouns and continue learning how to use the verb correctly in present tense. Coming up: Negative sentences