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Welcome to Mrs. Maria Mejicanos Spanish Classes K-8

Background and Education:
Elementary School Teaching Degree from Escuela de Maestras Dr. Alfredo Carrillo Ramirez. Guatemala.
Law Degree from Universidad Francisco Marroquin. Guatemala City.
B of A Northeastern Illinois University.

Teaching Experience
I taught Kindergarten for two years in Guatemala City. 
I taught Spanish in District 97 for ten years, and in the evenings I taught senior citizens in Berwyn Cicero Council for Aging. During the summer I taught Spanish to adolescents inTriton College in River Grove.  I love teaching conversational Spanish!

Additional Responsibilities at SPC:
Practical Fine Arts Committee 
Problem Solving Team
Student Council Moderator

Noticias de enero

Noticias de Enero 2017

PS- Students in PS are learning numbers, weather, spanish songs and games. 

Kindergarten- Kindergartners have been learning Animal’s vocabulary. They know the Spanish vocabulary for five animals. They are singing about a little house and discovering shapes. Coming Up: learn more about shapes and Spanish games

First Grade- First grade students have reviewed previously learn vocabulary on farm animals and continue to learn new ones.   They are orally working on numbers and simple addition and subtraction. They are working on identifying numbers 1-20 and the concept of more and less.

Second Grade- Second grade students have been working with classroom nouns. They learned a song about “La clase” and cut up pictures of classroom nouns. Coming up: family

Third Grade- Third grade students finished working with pets and farm animals. Students are working on telling short stories about a pet. They are learning target vocabulary to write these stories.

Fourth Grade- Fourth graders finished telling about their pets. In the students’ short paragraphs description, verbs, and vocabulary for foods were used. Coming Up: Transportation and numbers

Fifth Grade- Students have been working on reviewing classroom nouns singular and plural. They created a slideshow using target vocabulary for classroom nouns. Coming Up: Telling about animals

Sixth Grade- Sixth grade is learning about the months of the year’s celebrations when (date & month), how to tell the date of their birthday and their family members birth date.

Seventh Grade - Seventh grade is finishing their classroom unit and continue to work on the family theme. Coming Up: Create a family tree

Eighth Grade - Eighth grade is studying how to tell time and the use of time to describe daily routines. Coming Up: Meal times/ likes dislikes



5th grade:
6TH grade: 
7th grade:
Study for Spanish quiz on the week of 1-30 to 2-3-2017. Lesson 2 pages 22 to 37.
8th grade: