8th Grade Science Homework

Thursday, Feb 15 - Period 2 - If you didn't finish bullet pointing the Electric Forces pages, finish it tonight.  Period 6 - No homework.  Period 8 - Gravity group - Bullet point the Magnetic Forces pages; Magnetic Forces group - Bullet point the Electric Forces pages.

Wednesday, Feb 14 - Period 2 - Bullet point Electric Forces pages.  Period 6 - No homework, but if you didn't finish going on the website (available to you on googleclassroom), then it would be good to do so.  Focus on triboelectric series.  Period 8 - Gravity and Friction group - quiz; Magnetic Forces group - quiz.

Tuesday, Feb 13 - Period 2 only - Quiz on Magnetic Forces. Also, bring electroscope lab sheet if it has not yet been turned in.  We had no time to deal with it today.  Period 6 only - No homework tonight.  Period 8 only, Gravity and Friction group - Quiz (not open note and not open book) on Thursday.

Monday, Feb 12 - Period 2 only - If you didn't do last Thursday's homework, do it tonight.  Bring lab sheet from today's lab back to class. Plan on quiz on Thursday on magnetism, Lesson 1.  Period 6 only - Bring electroscope lab sheet back tomorrow.  Period 8 only - Gravity and Friction group - finish bullet noting the pages (32+) on friction.  Watch the 3 minute video on What is Friction- Magic Marks.  Magnetism group - bring back lab report unless you turned it in already.

Friday, Feb 9 - No school.  See yesterday's homework.

Thursday, Feb 8 - Period 2 only - page 106, textbook. Read it and answer the questions.  Also, interpret the words of paragraph 2 by drawing a diagram.  Plan on a quiz on Tuesday on Magnetic Forces.  Period 6 only - No homework.  We will do some labs starting next Monday.  Period 8 only - Gravity group - Finish watching and taking notes on Crash Course Kids - Gravity, the compilation video that is 14 minutes long.  Do the virtual lab on the online textbook website.  You were shown how to access this in class and were given a lab sheet to fill out.

Wednesday, Feb 7 - Period 2 only - finish lab report if necessary.  Period 6 only - Read and bullet point Electromagnetism.  Period 8 only - If you earned any kind of D or F on the open book/open note take home quiz, then you need to bullet point and answser the questions on pages 24-31.

Tuesday, Feb 6 - Period 2 only - Lab tomorrow on strength of magnets. (Per 2 did not meet today due to an assembly.)  Period 6 - Read and bullet point Lesson 3, Fields, pages 130-140.  Period 8 only - Your lab reports were due yesterday.

Monday, Feb 5 - Period 2 only - Lab tomorrow on strength of magnets.  Period 6 only - Finish bullet noting pages 114-124 on Electric Forces.  Quiz tomorrow.  Period 8 only - finish your roller coaster lab report.

Tuesday, Jan 30 - Period 2 only - tomorrow is an open note test on gravity and friction.

Monday, Jan 29 - Period 8 only - Since there was no class today in science, I am collecting the tests tomorrow.

Friday, Jan 26 - Period 8 only - you were given an open book/ open note take home test on Gravity and Friction.  It is due back on Monday during HR time.

Thursday, Jan 25 - Period 2 only - Worksheet on coefficient of friction.