Christine Stypka

Christine Stypka

Welcome to Mrs. Stypka's Science Classroom 117u

Background and Education:
Bachelor of Science in Biology, Illinois Institute of Technology
Master of Arts in Teaching, National-Louis University

Teaching Experience:
At St. Paul of the Cross School since 2002
Three months student teaching at Donaghue School, a Chicago Public School
One year as a Teacher Aide, St. Andrew School, Chicago

Additional Responsibilities at SPC:
Coordinator of Science Focus science fair
Member of Technology Committee
Advisory Board Member for National Junior Honor Society

Non-SPC, School-related Responsibilities:
Illinois Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) Region 2 Board Member
IJAS Category Chair for IJAS State Science Exposition


7th Grade Science Update

March 6, 2017 - This past weekend, 17 8th graders exhibited at the Regional Science Fair.  16 Golds and 1 Silver. Many Special Awards were received and 10 students qualified to go to State in May.  One student qualified as an alternate. Great job!  Specific details were in the Thursday mailing from March 9th and will be in the church bullietin on March 19th.
January 26 2017 - Yesterday, 79 7th graders presented their science projects to almost 40 judges which included people in the engineering, medical, and education professions.  SPC is a member of Illinois Junior Academy of Science (IJAS) and follows their guidelines. Some of these students will move on to the regional competition on March 4th at the Museum of Science and Industry.
Monday, August 22, 2016 - Welcome back to school, 7th graders!  This is the year you will focus on Life Science.  See the photos below from last June to see one of the labs you will do later this year.
The seventh grade science classes spent part of the last week of school dissecting a preserved frog.  Each student worked with a partner.  Students were excited to see actual tendons, ligaments and organs that they had read about in preparation for the dissection.
Also, in preparation for the frog dissection, students dissected fresh chicken feet, and saw a demo of the dissection of a fresh pig kidney, as well as fresh pig heart, pig stomach, and chicken livers.



8th Grade Science Update

Monday, February 27th - One 8th grade student entered the Paper Session from the Regional Science Fair.  The paper session was held at Guerin High School.  The student qualified for the State Paper Session in May.

Tuesday, January 24th - Three teams of 8th graders advanced into the Top Five Teams in the Materials Choice Award competition, a materials science competition in which the team presents information on amazing futuristic materials. All three teams have advanced to the final level in which they must make a 3 minute video of the amazing qualities of the material.  Materials chosen were aerogel, microlattice, and electronic textiles. The videos must be submitted by April 10th.

Friday, January 20th - The 8th grade girls attended Futures Unlimited, an all-day conference sponsored by Oakton Community College.  The conference exposed the girls to many STEM career choices. Each girl was assigned to two different workshops and all girls listened to a panel discussion of inspiring women with careers like dentistry, professor, and more.

Wednesday, November 14, 2016 - Nineteen 8th grade students competed in the Fenwick Science Contest.  SPC came in at 11th place out of over 40 teams!  

Thursday, October 27, 2016 - "Mr. Energy" of the National Energy Education Foundation visited the three classes of 8th graders during their class time to demo energy phenomena and have student participation as well. 

Friday, October 14, 2016 - Eighth graders attended a Chemical Career Conference at the Museum of Science and Industry.  The conference was sponsored by the Chemical Industry Council of Illinois (CICI) and the Illinois Illinois Chemical Education Foundation (ICEF).  Students visited booths sponsored by chemical companies, participated in a game show about the chemical industry, and saw a Weird Science show.  There was also time to visit the Science Storms part of the museum where the students witnessed the giant Tesla coil in action.

Monday, August 22, 2016 - Welcome back to school!  You are now 8th graders.  You will be learning physical science this year, which means a combination of physics and chemistry.  We will be doing lots of labs.  First thing you will do is learn about lab safety, receive and sign a safety contract along with a parent signature, and get an A on a lab safety test.



New textbooks this year:  They are modules and called interactive.  There are also online versions.  The book is by Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt.  To access the online book, go to and enter your username, password, and other info. 

Science Fusion (for Grade 7 Life Science). Currently in Module A.

Science Fusion (for Grade 8 Physical Science).  Currently in Module H.


Here is a good website for the newest science news, written at the student's level:


Website pages for practice on parts of microscope and use of microscope     and


Using a triple beam balance to measure mass - a great website by Ohaus, the company that makes our balances

How to use a spring scale to measure weight - here is a link to a powerpoint



Click here for Science Focus packet.


Here are useful websites for both grades.  

Click on the website name and it will take you directly to the website.


7th Grade Science Homework

Wednesday, April 26th - Birthday Fungus poster is due on Monday, May 1st.  You received the guidelines today and were shown the website to use.

Tuesday, April 25th - None.

Monday, April 24th - None.

Thursday, April 13th - None - HAPPY EASTER!!!

Wednesday, April 12th - None.

Tuesday, April 11th - None.  We spent the class period learning about the development of chicks as they develop in the 21 days before hatching.

Monday, April 10th - None

Friday, April 7th  - None.

Thursday, April 6th - Wanted poster due tomorrow.  See Tuesday's HW.

Wednesday, April 5th - See Tuesday's HW.

Tuesday, April 4th - Wanted-Dead or Alive poster is due on this coming Friday.  Students received the guidelines, rubric, and name of the bacteria or virus they will learn about.

Monday, April 3rd - Worksheet on Bacteria from the youtube video from Amoeba Sisters.  Also, you have a one day extension on getting in the requirements for a retake on the evolution test.  So, bring them in tomorrow, if you have not done so already.  Requirements are the same as listed on March 30th, but retake will be Thursday, April 6th, not Wednesday.

Thursday, March 30th - No homework, but if you earned a 1 on the evolution test which you got back yesterday, and want a retake, make corrections on the test, hightlight them, put page # of text or that answer was found in video notes, and get parent signature on test.  ALL REQUIREMENTS ARE DUE BACK ON MONDAY, APRIL 3.


Tuesday, March 28th - A two page packet of worksheets entitled Dichotomous Key worksheet #1 and #2 (these are two stapled pages) and a single sided worksheet entitled Branching Diagram Practice.  NOTE:  There will be a quiz on the classification pages of the textbook on this coming Thursday, March 30th.  Use the text, notes from the smartboard which you were supposed to copy, and corrected worksheets to help yourself study.

Monday, March 27th - Page 65 in text and the worksheet entitled, "Silly Science."  NOTE:  We will have a quiz on the classification pages of the textbook this coming Thursday, March 30th.  We have read and discussed and taken notes on the whole section except for the page on branching diagrams. We will get to that on Tuesday.

Friday, March 24th - None.

Thursday, March 23rd - Vocab, page 23, in your spiral.  Also, copy the triangle and words from page 57.

Wednesday, March 22nd - Study for tomorrow's evolution  and evidence of evolution test.  We went over study guide today.  The one I wrote was on the board for all to compare with the one each student had written for him- or herself. If you were absent today, I will share my own study guide with you when I get home.

Tuesday, March 21st - Add to your study guide - evidence of evolution, unless you already did that yesterday. You don't need to reshare. It will automatically show up.

Monday, March 20th - Make and share with me a googledoc on Evolution.  There will be a quiz on this coming Thursday on evolution and evidence of evolution.

Thursday, March 16th - None

Wednesday, March 15th - None.

Tuesday, March 14th - None.

Monday, March 13th - In textbook, page 25, #s 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7.

Friday, March 10th - No homework.

Thursday, March 9th - There will be a short open notes quiz on the video tomorrow.  I suggest you rewatch the video to refresh your notes, even though we spent the whole class period going over the notes.  You also have a handout on Charles Darwin to read and then answer the starred questions.

Wednesday, March 8th - Periods 3 and 4 need to watch the video (see link below) and do the second side of the worksheet.  Period 8 saw most of the video, but finish watching it (see the link) and do the second side of the worksheet.  Here is the link to the youtube video  or you can watch it from its original website and here is the link for that  The video is about 30 minutes long.

Tuesday, March 7th - In the new textbook, Module B, do the vocab and True/False on page 15.  Then read/highlight pages 16-19.  Also, so the Visualize Its on these pages.


8th Grade Science Homework

Wednesday, April 26th - None, but we are finishing the labs from the last few days, so make sure you have brought any lab sheets to class tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 25th - None.

Monday, April 24th - None.

Thursday, April 13th - No homework.  HAPPY EASTER!!!

Wednesday, April 12 - No homework, just bring back the two lab sheets you were given today in class.

Tuesday, April 11th - 2-sided worksheet on pressure.

Monday, April 10th -  Finish the digital lesson, if you didn't finish in class and you were supposed to take notes on it..  Then the actual homework is page 67, # 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9.

Friday, April 7th Period 6, Vocab page 55 (Fluids and Pressure) and read/highlight, etc. through page 59. 

Thursday, April 6th - None.

Wednesday, April 5th - None.  Just bring lab sheet back to class.

Tuesday, April 4th - No homework, but bring your lab sheet back so that your lab group can finish your labs

Monday, April 3rd - CHANGE OF PLANS AGAIN.  NO TEST ON WEDNESDAY.  WE ARE NOT READY.  We still have to finish lab work on the laws of motion, which we will do on Tuesday.

Thursday, March 30th  - None, but there is a change on quiz day for next week.  It will most likely be on Wednesday, since I did not get to see Period 7 today due to 8th grade meeting with Fr. Britto.

Wednesday, March 29th - Two-sided worksheet on second law of motion calculations.  We set up the problems in class.  All you need to do is finish them.  Do #s 2, 3, 5, and 6.  NOTE:  As of today, I plan to have a quiz on the Forces pages of the textbook on Tuesday, April 4th.

Tuesday, March 28th - Two-sided worksheet entitled Net Force worksheet - one side are diagrams and the other side is word problems.  NOTE:  As of today, I plan to have a quiz on the Forces pages of the textbook on Tuesday, April 4th.

Monday, March 27th - None, but here is a website with simulations of force and motion that it would be good to visit.


Friday, March 24th - Finish article on terminal velocity from Science World and fill out the the five questions on the half sheet of paper, unless you gave it to me in class or after school.

Thursday, March 23rd - Study for tomorrow's test on speed, velocity, and acceleration.  

Wednesday, March 22nd - All classes, add acceleration info to your googledoc study guide.  Periods 6 and 7 need also to finish work we didn't have time to do in class, and that would be all of page 26 and then on page 27, 3s 1-9, and 11-13.  REMINDER THAT ON FRIDAY, MARCH 24TH, THERE IS A TEST ON SPEED, VELOCITY, AND ACCELERATION.

Tuesday, March 21st - 4 word problems on accelerations.  They are on the worksheet you received today.  # 7, 8, 11, and 13.  We watched the digital lesson today in class.  I suggest rewatching it and also reading the textbook pages.

Monday, March 20th - In the textbook, do all of page 16 and then #1-10 on page 17.  Also, make a study guide on a googledoc on speed and velocity and share it with me.  Tomorrow we will start acceleration.  There will be a quiz on speed, velocity, and acceleration on this coming Friday.

Thursday, March 16th - None.

Wednesday, March 15th - None.

Tuesday, March 14th  - None.

Monday, March 13th - Page 14 in the textbook.  Period 7, please finish the lab report.  Periods 2 and 6, bring lab report to class.

Friday, March 10th - No homework.

Thursday, March 9th - 4 speed and velocity problems on the worksheet that was given out in class today.

Wednesday, March 8th - No homework at this time unless you were told to read and highlight through page 9.

Tuesday, March 7th - In the next textbook, Module I, do the vocab on page 5.