Welcome to Ms. Carrie Elko's Music Class

Background and Education:
Undergraduate Degree, Northwestern University.

Teaching Experience:
Previously, I taught for 3 years at St. Monica Academy and am beginning my 4th year at St. Paul of the Cross. I am also the music director at St. Joan of Arc in Evanston and play for each mass and special events every weekend, run the Kid's Choir & Adult Choir and quarterly coordinate a Filipino Mass for our parishioners. 

Additional Responsibilities at SPC:
SPC Choir, Chamber Singers, prepare all music for all school liturgies, prayer services, and other events at school. 

Class News

Kindergarten students begin the year by singing songs/chants and participating in activities that aid students in exploring their voice capabilities, which will lead to singing on pitch. Students will also use classroom instruments to enhance musical stories and begin to demonstrate how to keep a steady beat.
1st Grade will sing songs and participate in activities that elevate their sense of rhythm and ability to identify sounds that move up and down melodically.
2nd Grade students use folk songs to reinforce their knowledge of rhythms and beat learned in 1st grade.
Grade 3 will begin the year learning their songs for Cultural Fair which is now in October. Students will also learn songs and movements that internalize rhythm and beat. Meter of songs is also introduced such as 3/4 (Take Me Out to the Ballgame or a Waltz)
3rd Grade Cultural Fair on October 25th at 7pm
Grade 4 will also begin the year by learning songs for Cultural Fair along with an introduction to Jazz and instrument demonstrations.
4th Grade Cultural Fair Cultural Fair on October 25th at 7pm
5th Grade students will learn their final Cultural Fair pieces as well as review notes of the treble clef which will allow them to play classroom instruments such as: boomwhackers, xylophones and tone chimes, while reading the music on their own. 
5th Grade Cultural Fair on October 25th at 7pm
Grade 6 will tour around the world muically. We will begin the year utilizing what I learned at a World Music Drumming clinic this summer and new instruments purchased by Home and School. Our lessons will include: Marching Bands in the US, New Orleans, Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Latin Rhythms, & Reggae. Students will perform traditional songs both with voices and drums and other classroom instruments.
7th Grade students will learn music history from the beginning of time, starting with Ancient Music and composing in that style through small group composition. We will then move to Early Music and learn how music developed through sacred music and beyond.
8th Graders will begin the year learning the history of ukulele and learning to play basic chords and picking. This is brand new this year thanks to the generous donation by the endowment committee.
Choir information can be found by clicking HERE.

Music Room Wish List

I've created a wishlist of books and DVDs that I would like to add to the music room library to enhance the curriculum. Any item purchased would be greatly appreciated.


If you are purchasing sheet music or music books, if you purchase through this link, I receive an 8% rebate of each order, so I may purchase additional music and resources for the classroom.


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