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8th Grade Art Homework: Finish emoji and turn in on google photos

7th Grade Ms. Coakley's class: Finish Photography assignment and turn in via Google Classroom.

6th Grade: Email finished LOGO to Ms. Kelly

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 About the Art Curriculum...

The art program at St. Paul of the Cross School is designed for students to perceive, create, and appreciate the visual arts. Students will gain an understanding of the variety of ways that artists function in society.  Projects are based on art history and cultural art with a strong emphasis on the elements of art (line, color, shape, texture, etc.) and the principles of design (balance, contrast, pattern, unity, etc.)  Students experience a wide assortment of media in both two and three dimensional art production.  Problem solving skills as well as the development of fine motor skills are intrinsic to the art experience.  Project assessment includes the following criteria:

  1. Knowledge of the elements of art and principles of design.
  2. Understanding the relationships among media, tools, technology, and processes.
  3. Skills when creating art using different media.


Art Club: Will be for 7th and 8th graders and will meet every other Monday til 4pm. Art Club is full for this year.  

Art Club 2018 meetings below:

Monday Jan, 22nd

Monday Feb, 5th

Monday Feb, 26th

Monday March, 12th

Monday March, 26th

Monday April, 9th

Monday April, 23rd

Monday May, 7th

Monday May, 21st