Kelly Spanos

Kelly Spanos

Welcome to Mrs. Kelly Spanos’ Preschool Room 134!

ABC, 1,2,3, come to preschool and learn with me!

Hi, my name is Kelly Spanos. I am one of the preschool teachers for the three-year-old preschool program. I have been teaching at SPC since 2014 and I am honored to be here. My teaching philosophy in preschool is to set routine, create a fun learning environment along with teaching kind socialization.

Preschoolers are little people who learn many different ways and enjoy learning new things. I will incorporate this new experience through discovering math ideas, reading, and science. Our class will go on adventures and experience music through movement and coordination skills. The students will be exposed to different manipulatives and medias that will be fun and educational.

I understand the importance of teaching these young minds at an early stage; I did the same for my own five children. Come on and join the adventure and let’s begin exploring and learning in Preschool.

ABC, 1,2,3, SPC is the place to be!

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Welcome to the new 2017-2018 school year! I am very excited to be teaching the 3 year olds!  

Our year has begun and we are having a blast!!!


January 2018 Themes!!!


I hope everyone had an enjoyable and a Merry Christmas!!!  I am excited for the new year.































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