Robin Gialanella

Robin Gialanella

Welcome to Mrs. Gialanella's Prekindergarten Class - Room 116

Background and Education:
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Valparaiso University.

Teaching Experience:
I was a teaching assistant for 5th and 6th grade in Northbrook School District 27 for 3 years.  I then moved to the corporate world and did management training and employee development training for a wireless company in Chicago for 11 years.  In 2001, I decided to go back and teach.  I taught First Grade and Kindergarten at Our Lady of Ransom in Niles, IL for 3 years, until they closed in 2004.  I have been a Kindergarten teacher at St. Paul of the Cross since 2004.








Newsletter for Mar. 27-31, 2017



General Announcements


Reminder:  No school tomorrow, Friday, March 31st.  The teachers are having a religious retreat.  Have a nice weekend!




April is upon and it’s going to be busy!!  Here’s what coming up:


 *Friday, April 7th:  CTS Prek Pajama Party!!  Our party will be from 11:00-12:30 in the classroom.  The kids can wear their pajamas to school this day (but don’t have to) and bring a favorite stuffed animal.  Also, please send a beach towel or small blanket for the kids to cuddle in when we watch the movie.  Children need to be signed up and paid for to attend this party.  Please contact me if you have questions.




*Wednesday, April 12th: Prek will be having an Easter Egg Hunt.  Notes went home today or will be coming home on Monday.  Everyone is being asked to bring something for our hunt.  Supplies are due on the 7th.




*Thursday, April 13th:  Holy Thursday and a regular school day for us.




*Friday, April 14th:  Good Friday and No School.  This is the beginning of our Easter Break.  Classes will resume on Monday, April, 24th.






Lenten News:  Lenten Jar Total:  $107.35


We still have several children that have not contributed to the Lenten Project.  PLEASE talk about this at home and encourage your child to do things at home in order to help people who are less fortunate that us.




Please join us on Tuesdays in HFC (Holy Family Chapel) for our weekly Lenten Prayer Service.  This coming Tuesday and all the remaining Tuesdays in Lent, the prayer service will be back to 9:30 am.  Everyone is welcome!!




Here’s what we did this week: 


We continued to talk about spring but concentrated on what happens with the weather this time of year.  We talked about the different kinds of weather: sunny, windy, foggy, snowy, and cloudy.  We learned a song about the weather.  We sing this right before the Weather person does his/her job every morning!  Everyone made their own weather wheel as well.




We continued to talk about rhyming words this week.  This is still very confusing for some of the kids because they need to listen at the end of the words instead of at the beginning like we do most of the time.  If you can talk about rhyming words at home that would help tremendously.  Read rhyming stories and have your child try to listen for the rhyming words or try to guess what the rhyming word might be. 





In math, because it’s a short week, we reviewed.  We can’t ever get too much practice so these weeks are good.  Please continue to practice writing numbers at home.





Letter of the Week:  The letter of the week was Xx.  There aren’t any words that begin with the /ks/ sound.  We briefly talked about words that ended with this sound.  We practiced writing it too.  It’s kind of tricky with the intersecting (we talked about what that word meant) slanty lines.  Continue to practice at home!  It really makes a difference.





In religion, we heard the story of Jesus feeding the big crowd.  We talked about how this was one of Jesus’ miracles, that there was no way all those people would have gotten to eat with five loaves of bread and two fish.





Here’s what we’ll do next week:


Our theme this week will be eggs, with Easter quickly approaching!  We will talk about animals that lay eggs and those that don’t.  We will learn that oviparous means egg layer.  We will play a game that requires us to sort animals by egg layers and not egg layers.  It’s always a fun week!





Next week, we will practice what we do in the event of a bad weather drill (formerly known as a tornado drill).  We will learn why we can’t stay in the room, where we go in the school and will practice how we are supposed to sit.





In math, we will begin working on the number 7.  We will work with partners and try to find sets of 7 things in the room.  This gets harder as our numbers get bigger!





Letter of the Week:  Our Letter of the Week will be the letter Ss.  Please remember to send things from home that begin with this sound.  This is a tricky letter to write, so lots of practice is a must!




In religion, we will begin to hear and talk about the story of Easter.




Resources for fun things to do at home!

Fun math and reading games for children of all ages.
Switcheroo Zoo -
Watch, listen and play games to learn all about amazing animals
National Geographic for Kids -
Learn all about geography and fascinating animals
Into the Book -
Go into the book to play games that practice reading strategies.  Click on Students up at the top.
Seussville -
Read, play games and hang out with Dr. Seuss and his friends
Fun Brain -
Play games while practicing math and reading skills
PBS Kids -
Hang out with your favorite characters all while learning
Star Fall -
Practice your phonics skills with these read-along books
Storyline Online -
Have some of your favorite stories read to you by movie stars
Highlights Kids -
Read, play games, get craft ideas and conduct cool science experiments


One name sheet is due every week.  These do not need to be finished in one sitting.
Work on handwriting sheets as they come home!  A little bit of practice every day will go a long way.
Review math concepts and Letter of the Week.