Robin Gialanella

Robin Gialanella

Welcome to Mrs. Gialanella's Prekindergarten Class - Room 116

Background and Education:
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Valparaiso University.

Teaching Experience:
I was a teaching assistant for 5th and 6th grade in Northbrook School District 27 for 3 years.  I then moved to the corporate world and did management training and employee development training for a wireless company in Chicago for 11 years.  In 2001, I decided to go back and teach.  I taught First Grade and Kindergarten at Our Lady of Ransom in Niles, IL for 3 years, until they closed in 2004.  I have been a Kindergarten teacher at St. Paul of the Cross since 2004.








Newsletter for May 15-19, 2017




Important dates:

5/26 – No School – Staff Dev Day

5/29 – No School - Memorial Day

6/2 – Prek Picnic (money due now!!) 

6/2 – Last day of Lunch Bunch

6/7 – End of Year Prek Program and last day of Prek! 


PK Picnic – Parents are invited to come and hang out in the Safe Zone while we have a blast!  Students will be heading inside at 11:00 to eat their lunch and will be dismissed at 11:30 on Ridge Terrace!  If you have not sent in your $10.00 to help cover costs, please do so ASAP!


End of Year PK Program - We will be signing some songs and saying goodbye to PK on Wednesday, June 7th in the morning (time not yet determined).  We will be done by or before our regular dismissal time of 11:00.  Everyone received a line to memorize for the EOY program.  PLEASE make sure that you are practicing this with your child!!  We will begin practicing next week.  The days are going by so quickly!


Summer - Many of you have asked about things the kids can do over the summer.  Please know that if your child does nothing for 8 weeks, he/she will have forgotten a lot of what we accomplished this year!  Don’t let that happen.  We worked really hard this year to get where we are right now.

Things you can do every day:

  • Practice writing first and last name.
  • Practice writing all upper case and lower case letters.
  • Practice writing numbers 1-10.
  • Practice letter sounds and thinking of words that begin with those sounds.
  • Practice counting out loud. Kids should be able to count past twenty.


Here’s what we did this week:

We started to explore the ocean and all the interesting animals and plants that call this place home!  We watched several videos about the very ugly but interesting Anglar fish.  The kids were fascinated!  We have gotten some really cool books sent in to share with the class.  Send any in that you may have at home.  We will read them and send them back.


Letter of the Week:  We talked about the letter Ee this week.  We learned that the Ee is at the beginning of the alphabet; the upper and lower case are not the same; and it is a vowel – so it makes more than one sound.  We focused on the short Ee sound, like in egg or envelope.  We had a list of 20 some short e words!  I was pretty impressed.  This is a hard sound to distinguish from the short Ii sound.  Just keep practicing it at home!  The upper case is four lines and the  lower case is just one line!  We slide out and then go up and around.  Please practice at home!! 


In math, we talked about the number 11 this week.  Every week we play a game where the kids must find groups of things in the room for whatever number we are working on.  The kids worked in teams and did a great job of finding groups of 11.  They found many that Mrs. Derec and I did not see!


In religion we read a story about how we pray every day.  We talked about all the things we need to be thankful for and how praying is our way of talking to God and a way to say thank you for all that we have.


Here’s what we will do next week:

We will continue to talk about oceans and the animals that live in them!  It’s a fun theme.  There are many interesting animals that live in our oceans. 


In math, we will continue with the teens.  Please work on these at home.  We count and look at these numbers every day on our calendar but they continue to stump many of the kids.  You can start practicing this number at home.


Letter of the Week:  We will work on the letter Gg.  This letter makes more than one sound and we will only talk about the hard G sound, like in goat or gate.  We will NOT talk about the soft Gg sound.  Please do not send any giraffes or gems!!  We will make a list of hard Gg words so make sure you talk about this on the way to school so your child can participate in the discussion.





Resources for fun things to do at home!

Fun math and reading games for children of all ages.
Switcheroo Zoo -
Watch, listen and play games to learn all about amazing animals
National Geographic for Kids -
Learn all about geography and fascinating animals
Into the Book -
Go into the book to play games that practice reading strategies.  Click on Students up at the top.
Seussville -
Read, play games and hang out with Dr. Seuss and his friends
Fun Brain -
Play games while practicing math and reading skills
PBS Kids -
Hang out with your favorite characters all while learning
Star Fall -
Practice your phonics skills with these read-along books
Storyline Online -
Have some of your favorite stories read to you by movie stars
Highlights Kids -
Read, play games, get craft ideas and conduct cool science experiments


One name sheet is due every week.  These do not need to be finished in one sitting.
Work on handwriting sheets as they come home!  A little bit of practice every day will go a long way.
Review math concepts and Letter of the Week.