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Welcome to Ms. Bubis's Sixth Grade Class - Room 218


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Welcome to Sixth Grade Reading, English, and Religion

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  Welcome to sixth grade Reading, English, and Religion class!  I am so happy to have you as my students this year. Please check this website for news and updates on coming events, the goings-on in our classroom, and for homework assignments.


PFA Schedule, Room 218 - Trimester 2

Monday - Art   Tuesday - Music    Wednesday - LMC    Thursday - P.E.    Friday - Spanish


Upcoming Events

  • February 19: No School - Presidents' Day
  • February 27: Stations of the Cross - 1:00 P.M., Church
  • March 2: Trimester 2 ends
  • March 5: Trimester 3 begins; out of uniform - spirit wear; Mass - 8:30 A.M., Church
  • March 9: Celebrate the Spirit - 7:00 P.M.-12:00 A.M., Park Ridge Country Club
  • March 13: Stations of the Cross - 1:00 P.M., Church
  • March 16: Out of uniform - CTS passes; Hot Lunch (cheese pizza); 1:30 P.M. dismissal; Optional parent-teacher conferences - 2:00-5:00 P.M.
  • March 19: Mass - 8:30 A.M., Church
  • March 29: Living Stations of the Cross - 12:30 P.M.; 1:30 P.M. dismissal
  • March 30-April 8: Spring Break

Classroom News and Notes

  Click here for the sixth grade curriculum packet.

  Click here to view the Power Point presentation that was playing in my classroom on Parent Night.

*Please be advised of the SPC retest policy

Purpose: The purpose and intent of the policy is to provide students with additional opportunities to show mastery in all content areas.

  • All students will have test correction opportunities available on assessments only if they have received a 76% or below.
  • Students caught cheating on a test may not request a retest.
  • The maximum grade received for a retest will be a 78%.  The campus policy will be consistent across content area and all classes.
  • All semester final exams are ineligible for a retest.



  We have begun our second novel of the year -- Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen.  In this book, Brian Robeson, heading to the Canadian north woods in a small plane to see his father, finds his first trip in a single-engine plane exciting at first.  That excitement turns to terror when the captain, who has given Brian a bit of background about flying a plane, dies of a sudden heart attack.  Brian manages to survive the crash landing, but the submerged plane leaves him without basic survival equipment -- except for the hatchet clipped to his belt.

  With no survival training, Brian begins the arduous tasks of finding food, shelter, and warmth.  His challenges -- mosquitoes, wild animals, and hunger -- are enhanced by his memories of his mother's secret relationship and his parents' resulting divorce. 

  The epilogue catalogs the changes in Brian due to his 54-day ordeal.  It also recounts his adjustment to life as it had been, before his numerous days in the wilderness.

  There are a lot of vocabulary words that accompany this novel, which the students will define as we read each section. There will be vocabulary quizzes on the words from each section given throughout our study of the novel.  Comprehension and close reading questions will also accompany each section of the novel.

  The vocabulary words for Ch. 1-4 can be found here.

  The vocabulary words for Ch. 5-8 can be found hereThe quiz on these words is scheduled for Tuesday, February 20.



  There will be an emphasis on Daily Oral Language (DOL) this year.  The spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills that will be covered throughout the year are essential to the development of the students' writing skills.  DOL quizzes will be given on a regular basis.  The next one is scheduled for Friday, February 23.

  We have begun working on our next grammar chapter, which will focus on adverbs and has four sections: What are Adverbs?; Making Comparisons with Adverbs; Adjective or Adverb?; and Double Negatives.  A test will be given at the end of the chapter.



  We have begun Family Life.  We will focus on five themes: God's Gift of Family, God's Gift of Self, God's Gift of Life, God's Gift of Love, and God's Gift of Community.

  God's Gift of Family: This unit will focus on an appreciation that the family is the person's first community; an understanding that beliefs and values are developed, shared, and lived within the family; an awareness that healthy families provide social and spiritual meaning for all members; and a recognition that each family member is responsible for the life of the Catholic family.

  God's Gift of Self: In this unit, students will be challenged to understand the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of themselves.  They will also learn to examine their movies honestly, and appreciate their strengths and weaknesses.

  God's Gift of Life: Students will develop these key Catholic values in association with this theme - a reverence for human life, and all that supports and contributes to it; an understanding of the inherent dignity of the human person as created in God's image and likeness, regardless of productivity, role, function, or socal status; a recognition that every stage of human life is precious; an awareness of the challenges that exist to the sanctity of life and the moral strength required from every person in order to respnd to these challenges.

  God's Gift of Love: Through lessons on on healthy habits and moral virtues, students will learn the need to live healthy and holy lives.

  God's Gift of Community: Students will develop these key Catholic values in association with this theme - a respect for interpersonal relationships and human interaction; an appreciation for the cooperation and mutual benefit needed for a healthy society; a willingness to implement Catholic Social Teaching such as solidarity and stewardship; a recognition for all Christians to work together for the coming of God's reign of justice, mercy, and peace.


  • McDougal Littel Literature - The Literature textbook can be accessed online at Each student has a username – first name.last name @, and the password is the student's gmail password that is tied to his/her SPC account.
  • The Writer's Craft
  • IXL -; username: first initial and last name (Ex. jsmith); password: last name and first initial (Ex. smithj)

*Students looking to practice their DOL skills can work on the folllowing sections on IXL:

    • Commas: I.1, I.2, I.3, I.4, I.5
    • Capitalization: I.9, I.10
    • Quotations and Dialogue: I.14
    • Sentence Fragments and Run-ons: A.6, A.7, A.8
    • Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences: A.10
    • Common and Proper Nouns: B.1
    • Plural Nouns: B.2, B.3, B.4, B.5
    • Pronouns and Antecedents: C.1
    • Subject and Object Pronouns: C.3
    • Possessive Nouns: B.6
    • Contractions: H.2
    • Coordinating Conjunctions: G.1, G.2
    • Homophones: M.7
    • Frequently Confused Words: O.1, O.2


  • Christ Our Life
  • Interactive reviews and study guides: (under Faith Formation, Christ Our Life)

Reading/Language Arts, and Religion Homework - Ms. Bubis

Friday, February 16

  • Reading: Complete Ch. 8 Close Reading questions and the Ch. 5-8 comprehension questions for Tuesday (if you were absent and didn't already do so in class); Ch. 5-8 vocab. quiz on Tuesday
  • English: Free write about one of the topics on p. 480 (if you were absent and didn't already do so in class)
  • Religion: No homework

Thursday, February 15

  • Reading: Read Ch. 8 of Hatchet (We read Ch. 7 in class)
  • English: No homework
  • Religion: No homework

Wednesday, February 14

  • Reading: Finish reading Ch. 6 of Hatchet
  • English: Get DOL quiz signed and complete corrections (if applicable); study for tomorrow's test on adjectives
  • Religion: No homework

 Tuesday, February 13

  • Reading: Read Ch. 5 in Hatchet (if you were absent and did not already do so in class)
  • English: Complete the following assignment in preparation for Thursday's test: p. 475, #s 1-25; p. 476, #s 26-30 and 41-45 (follow the given directions) (if you were absent and did not already do so in class)  *Students had 20 minutes of class time to work on this assignment.
  • Religion: Complete worksheet 1A and 1B

Monday, February 12

  • Reading: Study for tomorrow's vocab. quiz on the words from Ch. 1-4 of Hatchet
  • English: Complete the following assignment in preparation for Thursday's test (if you were absent and did not do so in the 30 minutes of class time that were given): Check Point, p. 470 (Part A: follow the given directions; Part B: make a t-chart with "linking verb" on the left and "predicate adjective" on the right); Check Point, p. 474 (Write the comparative or superlative form of the word in parentheses.); worksheet p. 53, 57 & 58
  • Religion: No homework