Kimberly Ponicki

Kimberly Ponicki

Welcome to Mrs. Ponicki's Sixth Grade Class - Room 217

Background and Education: Before entering the field of education, I was a business professional. I majored in Accounting at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and passed the CPA exam. I taught Accounting at the University of Washington as I worked to earn my Masters in business Administration. When I decided to teach full-time, I earned a Masters in Elementary Education from .National-Louis University.

Teaching Experience: This is my 5th year of teaching. I previously taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. This year I will be teaching 3rd & 4th grade math, 4th grade accelerated math, and 3rd grade religion to my homeroom. I will be emphasizing reasoning and understanding in my teaching so that each student has a strong foundation to build upon.

Additional Responsibilities at SPC: I am a member of the Catholic Identity Committee.



Textbook for 6th Grade: 

Science Fusion: The Dynamic Earth Workbook Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Online Discovering Our Past Social Studies book can be found at:


Here is a good website for the newest science news, written at the student's level:
This site is very helpful when learning about the different parts of the world
Brainpop: Great for short videos for Science and Social Studies. Use this to help study for quizzes and test. 
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password: password

Packet and Re-Take Policy:

Click here for the sixth grade curriculum packet.

  *Please be advised of the SPC retest policy

Purpose: The purpose and intent of the policy is to provide students with additional opportunities to show mastery of the standards in all content areas.

  • All students will have retest opportunities available on assessments only if they have received a 76% or below and score a proficiency level of one.
  • The retest will cover the same material of the original test, however the test may be in a different format with the questions having changed.
  • Students must request the reassessment within one class day of the teacher notifying them of the below average grade.
  • Retest can appear in different formats at the teacher's discretion.  The student may be required to attent a tutorial, complete test corrections, or other tasks as directed by the teacher, in place of or prior to retesting.
  • Students caught cheating on a test may not request a retest.
  • If a students scores lower on a retest, the original test grade will stand.
  • The maximum grade received for a retest will be a 78%, however the level of proficiency may increase.  The campus policy will be consistent across content area and all classes.  Example: If the student retests and receives an 82% on the test, his/her final grade will be a 78% on the test.
  • All semester final exams are ineligible for a retest.