Melissa McCallister

Melissa McCallister

Welcome to Mrs. McCallister's Fifth Grade Class - Room 211

Background and Education: 
I graduated from National Louis University with my Bachelors in Education. I then went onto Dominican University and graduated with a Masters in Education and became a reading specialist. I also have a Middle School Endorsement.

Teaching Experience:
I have been teaching at St Paul of the Cross School for the last thirteen years. I have taught preschool, prekindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Currently I am teaching fifth grade reading/language arts.

Additional Responsibilities at SPC:
I am the primary chief editor of the SPC yearbook and I serve on the Sunshine Committee. I am also responsible for the Six Flags Read to Succeed reading program. 

5th Grade Reading & Language Arts Curriculum



Students will read various novels at their reading level in small guided reading groups as well as whole class novels. Students will continue to build stamina in reading. Students will learn various reading strategies to become successful readers using C.A.F.E. (comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expand vocabulary).



Harcourt Language, Harcourt Inc.

Harcourt Language Practice Book, Harcourt Inc.


A variety of grammar topics will be covered in class, including: subjects and predicates, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions and prepositional phrases, and conjunctions.


Writing for a variety of authentic purposes will give students ample opportunity to apply and solidify foundational grammar and editing skills, as well as develop strategies to communicate effectively. Students will build their skills from each encounter as they prewrite, draft, revise, edit, evaluate, and publish their work.  Students will write for several purposes including:  narrative, persuasive, expository,  letters, poetry,  and research writing to name some. Students will learn and practice many of the finer points of presenting information orally as well.



Word Wisdom, Zaner-Bloser, Inc. 2013.

The fifth grade will be using a separate vocabulary book this year. Students will be assessed weekly on the new vocabulary words.


Reading/Language Arts Homework-5th Grade, Mrs. McCallister

Monday, January 22nd  

Reading: Bring a "Good Fit" book to class every day, Word Wisdom test Friday for Unit 5 Part 1 see quizlet below: (Unit 5 Part 1 Quizlet)

Number the Stars:

  • Read Chapter 3
  • Vocabulary wks. for chapters 1 & 2

Making Bombs for Hitler:

  • Read Chapter 3
  • Discussion cards for chapters 1 & 2

Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl:

  • Read through September 27th, 1942
  • Answer comprehension questions 1-15

Language Arts: IXL D15 due Friday, Unit 3 assessment Friday