8th Grade Homework

Math Homework - 8th Grade, Ms. Coakley

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Math Homework - 8th Grade, Mrs. Dulski

Monday, January 22

  • Read pg. 156 and 157/complete #7 and 8


Friday, January 19

  • Read pg. 154-156
  • Pg. 155, #3-6



















8th Grade Advanced Math Homework - Period 1 Mr. Okimoto

Click Here for Homework


8th Grade Reading/Language Arts Homework - Mrs. Langs

January/February Novel: Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World    L.A.: Compare/Contrast Essay

January 22nd, 2018

Vocabulary quiz moved to January 24th, 2018

MAP testing tomorrow

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Vocabulary Quiz on Tuesday, January 23rd (students have definitions written down and taken home to study)

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Vocab Words Week 1/8/18

abashed, articulate, defect, flaunt, genial, ostracize, premonition, repercussion, retentive, scapegoat

Arctic OR Antarctic Slideshow (worked on in class) due tomorrow 1/10/18 Rubric

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Poet Slideshow due Wednesday, December 20th (worked on in class) Rubric

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017: In class: Poetry with, poetic elements, mood, tone, and theme.  Written 2 poems: self-chosen and winter traditional poem due Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Vocab quiz on Friday, December 15th, 2017  Words:

Repetition, Assonance, Alliteration, Personification, Rhythm, Rhyme, Metaphor, Simile, Imagery and Figurative Language (all words in reading notebook)

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017: Extra day given for Poetry Assignment: Find a pop song with poetry characteristics in it.

Friday, December 1st, 2017: Poetry Assignment: Find a pop song with poetry characteristics in it.

 Rubric: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-7vS0MsgQtsrMBzorigFCNSlUUjyMxiRMeLb5_ryqWk/edit

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017: Study for HPST

Monday, November 27th, 2017: Read 20 minutes self chosen book on Learning Ally

Thursday, November 9th, 2017: Compare/Contrast Rough Draft due tomorrow.  Print out!  MAP testing tomorrow 

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017: Compare/Contrast Essay due Friday, Nov. 10th and Vocab Quiz tomorrow

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017: Compare/Contrast Essay due Friday, Nov. 10th

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Quiz on Nouns

Monday, October 30, 2017
No Homework

Friday, October 27, 2017
Prepositional Phrases

Thursday, October 26, 2017
Study for "The Monkey's Paw" quiz

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Finish "The Monkey's Paw"
Quiz on Thursday, October 26

Monday, October 23, 2017
Essay is due tomorrow

Friday, October 20, 2017
"Perfect" essay due Tuesday, October 24

Thursday, October 19, 2017
Study for vocabulary quiz

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Introduction and body paragraph of the rough draft due

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Vocabulary quiz on Friday, October 20, 2017
Finish Introduction to essay

Monday, October 16, 2017
Study vocabulary words for the "Tell-Tale Heart"
Study guide given in class

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
No Homework

Thursday, October 5, 2017
"The Elevator" ending is due Tuesday, October 10

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Vocabulary/spelling test tomorrow (Thursday)

"The Elevator" ending is due Tuesday, October 10

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Vocabulary/spelling quiz on Thursday, October 5 

Monday, October 2, 2017
Reading Homework: None

LA Homework: Prewrite for essay


Reading/Language Arts Homework - Mrs. Roberts

Homework Due Tuesday (1/23)

  • Reading: National Geographic Mini-Research on Antartica handout.  (Vocabulary re-quiz moved to Wednesday at recess)
  • Language Arts: Bring Shipwrecked at the Bottom of the World reading packet to class.

Homework Due Monday (1/22)

  • Reading:  Unit 4 Vocabulary Requiz opportunity for students who scored a C or below-during recess.
  • Language Arts: No Homework (If you did not turn in your revised poem of wonder or have not presented your book project, please complete and submit on Monday)

Homework Due Friday (1/19)

  • Reading:  Book Project Presentation
  • Language Arts: No Homework

Homework Due Thursday (1/18)

  • Language Arts:  Revise Poem of Wonder due Thursday
  • Reading:  Continue to work on independent book project due Friday

Homework Due Wednesday (1/17)

  • Reading:  Study for Vocabulary Quiz Unit 4 (spelling, matching, fill in the blank, antonyms, synonyms)
  • Language Arts: Revise poem of wonder for Thursday

Homework Due Thursday (1/11)

  • Reading: 1) Finish exercises p. 66 in vocabulary book 2) Complete yellow handout. 3) Bring completed Independent Reading Packet.
  • Language Arts: No Homework.

Homework Due Wednesday (1/10)

If you have not done so, please bring permission slip and money for field trip to Auditorium Theatre.

  • Reading: 1) On yellow handout, write Vocab. Set B words, part of speech, synonyms/antonyms. 2) Complete vocabulary exercises pp. 63-65 (Students started this assignment in class) 3) Independent reading packet due.
  • Language Arts: 1) Write and print poem of wonder (see rubric in brainstorm packet) 2) Submit printed picture of wonder and completed brainstorm packet.

Homework Due Tuesday (1/9)

If you have not done so, please bring permission slip and money for field trip to Auditorium Theatre

  • Reading: 1) Complete Vocabulary Unit 4, Set A exercises on pp. 59-61, 2) Complete yellow handout for new words (part of speech, synomyns, antonyms, sentences).

 Reminder: Your independent book packet must be completed by Wedensday 1/10

  • Language Arts: 1) Print picture of wonder 2) Read brainstorm packet and complete the figurative language section-as it relates to your picture.

Homework Due Monday (1/8)

  • Reading: Remember to finish reading your independent book.  Your reading packet will be due on Wednesday (1/10).
  • Language Arts: No homework

Homework Due Thursday (12/21)

  • Language Arts: Bring printed/typed story, printed art piece, and completed brainstorm packet. Be prepared to present.
  • Reading: Read for 20 minutes in your independent book.

Homework Due Wednesday (12/20)

  • Reading: Read for 20 minutes in your independent book.
  • Language Arts: Complete Artistic View brainstorm packet. 

Homework Due Tuesday (12/19)

  • Reading: Read independent book and bring reading packet to class.
  • Language Arts: Select and print a painting from the Chicago Art Institute that you are interested in writing a story.

Homework Due Monday (12/18)

  • Reading: Bring a new book (approximately 200 pages) for your independent book project.

Homework Due Friday (12/15)

  • Reading:1) Bring favorite book 2) Write 1 page book talk to present to the class.
  • Language Arts: Sign and return the field trip permission slip along with the check for the Auditorium Theatre.

Homework Due Wednesday (12/13)

  • Language Arts: Bring typed 10-12 line poem that addresses a theme from Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and/or Handel's Messiah.  Students who are interested in submitting their poems for the Too Hot To Handel contest will become eligible to perform their poem on the Auditorium stage and win 4 tickets to the Jazz-Gospel performance of Handel's Messiah.  Please see contest rules that were provided in class.
  • Reading:  1) Select a favorite book (approximately 200 pages) to share with the class on Friday.  2) Write a one page book talk (using the guidelines) to develop an engaging presentation.

Homework Due Tuesday (12/12)

  • Reading: A) Complete the Martin Luther King Jr/Isaiah packet.  Be sure that you have highlighted the passage from "I Have a Dream" speech. (Students had class time to complete this assignment)

B) On a separate sheet of paper, please respond to each of the questions. (Research is recommended) 1) a) Who is Isaiah's beloved community? b) Who is Martin Luther King Jr.'s community? 2)What vision did both of these men have for their community?  Be specific. 3) What message do you want your poem to convey?  Write 5 or more sentences of what you believe is important.

  • Language Arts: No Homework

Homework Due Monday (12/11)

  • Language Arts:  1) Finish self-editing your hero essay based on the guidelines.  Be sure to write the correction and additions (with pencil or pen) on your first draft. 2)  Revise your essay and print the new final draft.

Note:  You will be turning in two drafts a) self-edit copy with handwritten marks and b) revised and printd 2nd copy.

  • Reading:  No homework for Monday.  

Homework Due Friday (12/8)

  • Language Arts: Finish and print hero essay.
  • Reading: Bring "I Have a Dream" speech to class with your completed metaphor, similie, allusion packet.

Homework Due Tuesday (12/5)

  • Reading: 1) Read and annotate "What Makes a Hero?" 2) Select 3 significant quotes and explain the relevance to your selected hero.
  • Language Arts: Complete outline and write introduction.

Homework Due Friday (12/1)

  • Reading: 1) Read and study grammar packet. 2) Complete the timed practice assessment.  You should allow yourself 13 minutes to complete 30 questions.
  • Language Arts: Complete graphic organizer for your hero.  Please seriously consider how your hero might fall short.  Be sure to include as many examples and brief stories.  Your brainstorm should include the front and back.



8th Grade Social Studies Homework

Friday 1-12-2018 - please see Tuesday 1-09-2018 post


Tuesday 1-09-2018

Several future dates...

Due Tuesday 1-16-2018 - Chapter 24 outline (the Civil Rights chapter)

Due Thursday 1-18-2018 - Stock graph check-in

Thursday, January 25,2018 and Friday, January 26,2018 - Western Hemisphere tests


Thursday 12-21-2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

There are no assignments due over the holiday. Those students who did not present their Family Trees will do so after the break.

May God bless you and be with you!


Wednesday 12-13-2017

Family Tree presentations have begun.

Due Monday 12-18-2017 - The Art Institute packet is to be completed and handed-in.

The first work of art was done in class. The second one is any choice in the time frame 1850 to 1920. The last 2 are to be from the works that were in the trifold and followed the time frame above. Note: What do you see is the difference in observing a work of art on a computer compared to being at the museum?


Monday 12-11-13

Family Tree presentations begin tomorrow. Students should be able to fulfill all the requirements on the rubric for oral presentation.


Tuesday 12-5-2017

Chapter 10 open outline test tomorrow - label your outlines

Family Tree due Monday 12-11-2017


Monday 11-27-2017 thru Wednesday 12-6-2017

Work on your Family Tree

There are no Culturegrams due - Friday will be a class preparing for the Art Institute field trip on Thursday 12-7-2017

Wednesday 12-6-2017 - Chapter 10 Section 3 and 4 outlines are due

Wednesday 12-6-2017 - Chapter 10 Open Outline test



Thursday 11-16-2017

Due 12-11-2017 - Remember to work on your Family Tree over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Remember your stocks!!!!!

There is no history or Culturegrams homework over the break.



Wednesday 11-8-2017 and forward  

Due Thursday 11-9-2017 - Chapter 10 Section 1 outline

Due Monday 11-13--2017 - Chapter 10 Section 2 outline

Due Wednesday 11-15-2017 - Culturegrams - 3 Caribbean countries and 3 Latin American/ Central American countries

Happy Thanksgiving

Due Monday, December 11, 2017 - Family Tree

Stocks are to be recorded on your pencil/paper graph every day the US markets are open throughout the 2nd trimester



Wednesday 11-1-2017

Due Friday 11-3-2017...Culturegrams... 3 Canadian Provinces

Students will be outlining Chapter 9 Section 4 in class

There will be no Culturegrams assignment  for the week of  11-3-2017 to 11-9-2017

The greatest gift is the gift of time... the 8th Grade students are given a 5 hour gift of time in order to research 

their Saint's project for Confirmation.   Use this time well and celebrate the Saint you chose to follow in your life.                                                                                                                                      


Monday 10-30-2017

Students are to outline/bullet note (their choice) Horizontal and Vertical Integration, Horizontal and Vertical Aquisition,

Horizontal and Vertical Merger on www.investopedia.com.  Students must come in with 3 companies which practice horizontal or vertical integration. 3 examples of each integration.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN...there will be no homework!!!


Monday 10-23-2017 thru Friday 10-27-2017

This homework listing is for the week above.

Monday 10-23-2017

No History assignment

Tuesday 10-24-2017

Finish outlining Chapter 9 Section 2...Due Wednesday 10-25-2017

Wednesday 10-25-2017

Outline Chapter 9 Section 3 ...due Monday 10-30-2017

Discussion on Monday 10/30 will require a completed outline as this is a very important section on business

Thursday 10-26-2017

Assignment is the same as Wednesday

Friday 10-27-2017

3 Canadian provinces are due for Culturegrams and 3 more are assigned for 11-3-2017

***please note that the provinces require the Time Line and First Nations












Wednesday 10-18-2017

No history homework

Culturegrams - 

3 states are due - this will be the last state that is completed. As of 

this Friday, the students move on into Canada.


Monday 10-16-2017

Due Tuesday 10-17-2017 - Read and highlight the handout on Mr. Metz and Theresienstadt.

Remember, Mr. Metz presentation is this Wednesday at 12:20

Due Friday 10-20-2017 - Culturegrams - 3 states are due - this will be the last state that is completed. As of 

this Friday, the students move on into Canada.


Wednesday 10-11-2017


Due 10-12-2017   6 State Culturegrams


Outline Chapter 9 Section 1  A Large Workforce and Free Enterprise - Due Friday 10-13-2017


Friday 10-6-2017

Due 10-10-2017 - Practice outline from Chapter 18 Section 2, pps. 556/557

6 state Culturegrams are due Thursday 10-12-2017


Tuesday 10-3-2017

There is no history homework.

6 state Culturegrams are due Thursday 10-12-2017


Thursday 9-28-2017

There is no history homework this weekend.

There are 6 state Culturegrams due Thursday, October 12, 2017.


Tuesday 9-26-2017

Due Wednesday 9-27 - Chapter 8 Section 3 Bullet notes

Due Thursday 9-28 - 6 Culturegrams


Tuesday 9/19/2017

Ranch and Brands due tomorrow 9/20/2017 (see previous assignment on this webpage)

Culturegrams - 6 U.S. States due Thursday 9/29/2017


Monday 9/18/2017

Ranch and Brands are due Wednesday 9/20/2017 with the works cited placed on the Rubric page

Remember that Culturegrams are a continuous assignment

3 more were assigned for the week of 9/18/2017 to 9/21/2017


Wednesday 9/13/ 2017

Finish Bullet note for Chapter 8 Section 1  - due Thursday 9/14


Tuesday 9/12/2017

No assignment in History

Culturegrams due Friday 9/15


Friday 9/8/2017

Due Monday 9/11 - Completed worksheet mini packet on Chapter 7.

Due Friday 9/15 - 3 United States Culturegrams


Wednesday 9/6

Same as Tuesday


Tuesday 9/5

Due Thursday 9/7 - Complete pps. 1 and 3 in worksheet for Chapter 7 that was passed out today.

Remember Culturegrams are due Friday 9/8.


Friday 9/1

3 United States Culturegrams  - due Friday 9/8

There is no history homework.


Wednesday 8/30

Review Chapter 6 by going over the Scetion Reviews and mentally answering the questions.

Be prepared to participate in a Chapter Review in class on Thursday.

Culturegrams begin on Friday with appropriate handouts based on states and provinces.


Monday 8/28

Gettysburg Address recitation began to day and will continue tomorrow.

If you gave your address today, you have no other homework.



Thursday 8/24 and Friday 8/25

Thursday - Remember that all your summer maps are due tomorrow, 8/25

Friday - Remember that the Gettysburg Address speech is due Monday 8/28


8th Grade Science Homework

Wednesday, Jan 10 - Period 2 has a quiz tomorrow on the third law of motion and momentum.

Tuesday, Jan 9 - None

Monday, Jan 8 - Period 2, Finish the worksheet on momentum

                             Period 6, no homework.  You started working on roller coasters today.

                             Period 8, No homework.  We read from the book today on gravity and friction.

Wednesday, Dec 13 and Thursday, Dec 14 - Study for Friday's quiz on Newton's Third Law of Motion and on momentum calculations.

Tuesday, Dec 12 - Period 6 only - needs to copy the worksheet on Momentum received in class today in order to cement the learning process. This homework includes doing the two word problems which many neglected to work on in class.

We have been working on Laws of Motion and so far have taken a quiz on First Law and the Second Law.

Friday, Dec 1st - Homework for Periods 6 and 8 only and only if not finished in class. Here it is. Science World worksheet called "Slippery Stuff."  Read it, answer the questions, and graph the data neatly on graph paper. It is due Tuesday since you will be on retreat on Monday.

Thursday, Nov 30th - Quiz tomorrow on the First Law of Motion. Study your notes. It may be helpful to rewatch the Khan Academy videos on youtube on First Law of Motion and More on First Law of Motion.

Tuesday, Nov 28th - Quiz tomorrow on instantaneous speed, average speed, and interpretation of graph of each. We reviewed in class today.

Monday, Nov 27th - No homework.


Wednesday, Nov 15th - No homework.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, Nov 14th - Period 8 must finish outlining through page 50.

Monday, Nov 13th - None.

****************************************New trimester starts on Monday, Nov 13th*****************************************************

Friday, Nov 10th - No homework.

Wednesday, Nov 8th and Thursday, Nov 9th - Study for Friday's quiz.  Use your homework quizzes as your study guide.

Monday, Nov 6th and Tuesday, Nov 7th - None, for period 8, but for periods 2 and 6,finish page 12 in text. There may be a quiz on this Friday.

Friday, Nov 3 - None.

Thursday, Nov 2 - Tomorrow there will be a short ungraded quiz on speed, velocity, and acceleration calculations.

Wednesday, Nov 1 - Tomorrow there will be a short ungraded quiz on today's notes on acceleration.

Tuesday, Oct 31 - Read and do page 9 in the ebook for Module K, Unit 1, Lesson 1. Short quiz tomorrow, non-graded on speed and velocity.

Monday, Oct 30 - You are now in Module K, Unit 1, Lesson 1. Go to the student ebook. Read and fill in the corresponding pages that we covered today in class through reading, discussion, and notes.  You will have a very short quiz on pages 4 through 8 on Tuesday.

Friday, Oct 27 - None, but remember to bring a charged chromebook and your print copy of the textbook on Force and Motion to class on Monday.

Thursday, Oct 26 - None.

Wednesday, Oct 25 - None

Tuesday, Oct 24 - See yesterday's homework.  It's due tomorrow.

Monday, Oct 23 - Finish what was started in class.  It is due on Wednesday. Go to hmhco.com/ed, then click on State of Illinois and the District as Archdiocese of Chicago, and then go to Unit 2, Lesson 1, Student ebook and read and fill in any needed responses.

Friday, Oct 20 - No homework.

Thursday, Oct 19 - Study for tomorrow's quiz. You have a study guide and we reviewed today in class.

Wednesday, Oct 18 - Study for the quiz you will be taking this coming Friday.  You received a study guide today in class. We will finish going over it tomorrow in class. (We transcribed our looseleaf lab notes onto a formatted lab sheet today in class, except for Period 6 who I did not get to see today due to the speaker.  We did not have time to do any roller coaster practice today after all.)

Tuesday, Oct 17 - We did roller coaster practice today in class and will do that again tomorrow.  There will be a short quiz on this coming Friday on the current lesson. You will receive a study guide on Wednesday.

Monday, Oct 16 - None.

Friday, Oct 13 - Period 2 only.  Finish Poppers lab report.

Thursday, Oct 12 - Period 8 only.  Finish Poppers lab report.

Wednesday, Oct 11 - Period 6 only, finish Poppers lab report.

Tuesday, Oct 10 - No homework.

Thursday, Oct 5 - No homework, unless you have fallen behind, in which case I expect all homework done by Tuesday, Oct 10th. We started learning about the roller coaster project today in class. You may want to learn even more than just the videos we watched in class - google it or youtube it.

Wednesday, Oct 4 - page 60 in the textbook

Tuesday, Oct 3 - None from today.  However, if for some reason, you didn't finish or do last night's homework, you're in luck.  We will correct Monday's homework tomorrow.

Monday, Oct 2 - Pages 45 through 48 in textbook. Read and fill in.

Friday, Sept 29 - See Thursday.

Thursday, Sept 28 - Due on Monday, pages 42 through 45 in text.  Read and fill in.

Wednesday, Sept 27 - Study for the quiz on Lesson 2. 

Tuesday, Sept 26 - All classes, page 41 in textbook.  Period 8 only also has to do page 34, #19 and #20.  Also, for all classes, there will be a short quiz on Thursday.  Information on the types of questions that will be asked were written on the smartboard and students were told to copy them into their spirals.

Monday, Sept 25 - Two-sided worksheet on calculating GPE abd KE.  Also, prerequisites for doing a retake on the energy quiz are due tomorrow.

Thursday, Sept 21 and Friday, Sept 22 - No homework.  Enjoy the three-day weekend.

Wednesday, Sept 20 - All 8th graders, do page 40, #s 3, 4, 5, and 6.  Period 2 also do page 31, #16.

Tuesday, Sept 19 - Page 28, #11, for periods 6 and 8 science.  Period 2 has no homework.

Monday, Sept 18 - Read and fill in pages 22 through 27, if not finished in class (and no class finished this in class.)

Friday, Sept 15 - None.

Thursday, Sept 14 - Study for tomorrow's quiz on Lesson 1, Introduction to Energy.  You were given a study guide today in class and we went over all of it in class today.

Wednesday, Sept 13 - See Tuesday, Sept 12.

Tuesday, Sept 12 - Lab report on "Investigating Work" is due on Thursday, Sept 14.  Textbook, Checkpoints, page 20 is due on Thursday, Sept 14.  Study for quiz on Lesson 1.  Quiz will be on this coming Friday, Sept 15. (I will not be in school on Wednesday, Sept 13, so there will be a sub and you will read from Science World.)

Monday, Sept 11 - Textbook, Read pages 9 through 11, including #10 on page 11.  On Friday, there will be a quiz on Lesson 1.

Friday, Sept 8 - page 9, #8.

Thursday, Sept 7 - Textbook, pages 6, 7, and on page 8, #6

Wednesday, Sept 6 - Textbook.  Pages 1 through 3.  Read and fill in as necessary.

Tuesday, Sept 5 - Two worksheets as follows:  


  • the one with the flashlight and box, fill in step 4 with some possible ways to change the conditions and then what you might expect as a result.  Fill in step 5.
  • the one with the car, read everything on the worksheet and then fill in #14, 15, and 16.  Do not do #17.
  • Wednesday through Friday, August 30th August 31st, and Sept 1st, 2017 - No homework, but if you can bring in a one-inch binder, that would be very helpful.

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 - No homework tonight, but if you can bring in a one-inch binder, that would be very helpful.

Monday, August 28th, 2017 - Study for tomorrow's Safety Test.  Use your safety contract, a copy of which you glued into your Science spiral today and the handout that we corrected in class.

Also, if you can bring in a one-inch binder that would be very helpful.


8th Grade Religion Homework

8th Grade Religion Homework:

UNIT GOAL: This unit will deepen our understanding and appreciation of the Church.

8th Grade Religion Homework: work on completing your journal entries (through page 50); due Friday

Yearlong Objective:  I will seek to become a disciple of Christ following in the apostolic tradition of the Catholic Church to which I am being initiated.