Amy Roberts

Welcome to Mrs. Roberts' Eighth Grade Class - Room 222

Background and Education:
Amy Roberts earned a B.A. in English from Bryn Mawr College, a M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a M.Ed. from DePaul University in Curriculum Studies with a reading concentration.

Teaching Experience:
For three summers, Amy taught an intensive creative writing class for gifted middle school students at the Center for Development at Northwestern University. Currently she will be working with the 8th grade language arts and reading classes at St Paul of the Cross. Amy is excited to be part of the SPC community and is looking forward to deepening students’ love of writing and literature.

Welcome 8th Grade!

This year the 8th grade class will begin a new chapter in their journey of learning, achievement, and service.  They will be encouraged and challenged to use their unique gifts to transform our community and world in the spirit of love.

Students will have an opportunity to explore the theme of being an outsider and how boundaries may be broken down through the search for identity, the exploration of the unknown, the discerning power of wisdom, and the guidance of faith in overcoming harrowing experiences.  In particular, the class will consider the legends of the Great Chicago Fire that ostracized Mrs. O'Leary from her community.  They will experience Ponyboy's search for identity and alienation by the Socs in S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders. Students will also consider how humans can become outsiders within their natural world as Shackleton and his crew struggle to survive the elements in the newly unexplored Antarctica. In collaboration with social studies, our classes will have opportunities to hear the first-hand accounts of Holocaust survivors and consider the injustices facing African Americans both today and in To Kill a Mockingbird.

In English class students will have opportunities to write using a variety of forms: memoirs, eye-witness accounts, persuasive essays, poetry, character analysis essays, and short stories. The English assignments cover the 8th grade common core standards.  Students will have bi-weekly assessments of vocabulary words and grammar concepts. Using the writers' workshop, students will have opportunities to self-edit and revise based on teacher feedback. In addition, students will also utilize the library resources, develop research techniques, and develop engaging group and individual presentations. English assignments follow the Collins Writing Program.  This program enables students to become comfortable thinking and writing to develop the essential writing skills for academic success.



Reading/Language Arts Homework - Mrs. Roberts

Homework Due Tuesday (1/23)

  • Reading: National Geographic Mini-Research on Antartica handout.  (Vocabulary re-quiz moved to Wednesday at recess)
  • Language Arts: Bring Shipwrecked at the Bottom of the World reading packet to class.

Homework Due Monday (1/22)

  • Reading:  Unit 4 Vocabulary Requiz opportunity for students who scored a C or below-during recess.
  • Language Arts: No Homework (If you did not turn in your revised poem of wonder or have not presented your book project, please complete and submit on Monday)

Homework Due Friday (1/19)

  • Reading:  Book Project Presentation
  • Language Arts: No Homework

Homework Due Thursday (1/18)

  • Language Arts:  Revise Poem of Wonder due Thursday
  • Reading:  Continue to work on independent book project due Friday

Homework Due Wednesday (1/17)

  • Reading:  Study for Vocabulary Quiz Unit 4 (spelling, matching, fill in the blank, antonyms, synonyms)
  • Language Arts: Revise poem of wonder for Thursday

Homework Due Thursday (1/11)

  • Reading: 1) Finish exercises p. 66 in vocabulary book 2) Complete yellow handout. 3) Bring completed Independent Reading Packet.
  • Language Arts: No Homework.

Homework Due Wednesday (1/10)

If you have not done so, please bring permission slip and money for field trip to Auditorium Theatre.

  • Reading: 1) On yellow handout, write Vocab. Set B words, part of speech, synonyms/antonyms. 2) Complete vocabulary exercises pp. 63-65 (Students started this assignment in class) 3) Independent reading packet due.
  • Language Arts: 1) Write and print poem of wonder (see rubric in brainstorm packet) 2) Submit printed picture of wonder and completed brainstorm packet.

Homework Due Tuesday (1/9)

If you have not done so, please bring permission slip and money for field trip to Auditorium Theatre

  • Reading: 1) Complete Vocabulary Unit 4, Set A exercises on pp. 59-61, 2) Complete yellow handout for new words (part of speech, synomyns, antonyms, sentences).

 Reminder: Your independent book packet must be completed by Wedensday 1/10

  • Language Arts: 1) Print picture of wonder 2) Read brainstorm packet and complete the figurative language section-as it relates to your picture.

Homework Due Monday (1/8)

  • Reading: Remember to finish reading your independent book.  Your reading packet will be due on Wednesday (1/10).
  • Language Arts: No homework

Homework Due Thursday (12/21)

  • Language Arts: Bring printed/typed story, printed art piece, and completed brainstorm packet. Be prepared to present.
  • Reading: Read for 20 minutes in your independent book.

Homework Due Wednesday (12/20)

  • Reading: Read for 20 minutes in your independent book.
  • Language Arts: Complete Artistic View brainstorm packet. 

Homework Due Tuesday (12/19)

  • Reading: Read independent book and bring reading packet to class.
  • Language Arts: Select and print a painting from the Chicago Art Institute that you are interested in writing a story.

Homework Due Monday (12/18)

  • Reading: Bring a new book (approximately 200 pages) for your independent book project.

Homework Due Friday (12/15)

  • Reading:1) Bring favorite book 2) Write 1 page book talk to present to the class.
  • Language Arts: Sign and return the field trip permission slip along with the check for the Auditorium Theatre.

Homework Due Wednesday (12/13)

  • Language Arts: Bring typed 10-12 line poem that addresses a theme from Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and/or Handel's Messiah.  Students who are interested in submitting their poems for the Too Hot To Handel contest will become eligible to perform their poem on the Auditorium stage and win 4 tickets to the Jazz-Gospel performance of Handel's Messiah.  Please see contest rules that were provided in class.
  • Reading:  1) Select a favorite book (approximately 200 pages) to share with the class on Friday.  2) Write a one page book talk (using the guidelines) to develop an engaging presentation.

Homework Due Tuesday (12/12)

  • Reading: A) Complete the Martin Luther King Jr/Isaiah packet.  Be sure that you have highlighted the passage from "I Have a Dream" speech. (Students had class time to complete this assignment)

B) On a separate sheet of paper, please respond to each of the questions. (Research is recommended) 1) a) Who is Isaiah's beloved community? b) Who is Martin Luther King Jr.'s community? 2)What vision did both of these men have for their community?  Be specific. 3) What message do you want your poem to convey?  Write 5 or more sentences of what you believe is important.

  • Language Arts: No Homework

Homework Due Monday (12/11)

  • Language Arts:  1) Finish self-editing your hero essay based on the guidelines.  Be sure to write the correction and additions (with pencil or pen) on your first draft. 2)  Revise your essay and print the new final draft.

Note:  You will be turning in two drafts a) self-edit copy with handwritten marks and b) revised and printd 2nd copy.

  • Reading:  No homework for Monday.  

Homework Due Friday (12/8)

  • Language Arts: Finish and print hero essay.
  • Reading: Bring "I Have a Dream" speech to class with your completed metaphor, similie, allusion packet.

Homework Due Tuesday (12/5)

  • Reading: 1) Read and annotate "What Makes a Hero?" 2) Select 3 significant quotes and explain the relevance to your selected hero.
  • Language Arts: Complete outline and write introduction.

Homework Due Friday (12/1)

  • Reading: 1) Read and study grammar packet. 2) Complete the timed practice assessment.  You should allow yourself 13 minutes to complete 30 questions.
  • Language Arts: Complete graphic organizer for your hero.  Please seriously consider how your hero might fall short.  Be sure to include as many examples and brief stories.  Your brainstorm should include the front and back.