7th Grade Homework

Math Homework - 7th Grade, Ms. Coakley

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7th Grade Advanced Math Homework - Period 8 Mr. Okimoto

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Math Homework - 7th Grade, Mrs. Dulski

Monday, January 22

  • Read pg. 178 and 179


Friday, January 19

  • Pg. 171-172
  • Pg. 172, #6









7th Grade Reading/Language Arts Homework - Mrs. Langs

January 22nd, 2018

Finish listening to Chapter 4 p. 54-60 in My Brother Sam is Dead and answer Ch. 4 questions

MAP testing tomorrow 1/23/18


January 16th, 2018

Finish listening/reading Chapter 1 of My Brother Sam is Dead

January 10th, 2018

Vietnam/Revolutionary War Slideshow (worked on in class) due tomorrow 1/11/18  Rubric

January/February Novel: My Brother Sam is Dead  L.A.: Problem/Solution Essay

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017: In class: Vocabulary quiz on Friday; Science Focus due: Thursday,                                                                                                                                                   December 20th 

Words: 2 packets and a worksheet to study 

affinity, solicit(or), discretion, ruminate, bliss, resolve(d), surmise, vehement, scarce, shrewd


Tuesday, December 5th, 2017: Story ending writing assignment for Crush story in Anthology due: Friday, December 8th.  Rubric: 

Monday, November 29th, 2017: Read 20 minutes self-chosen book on Learning Ally; Central Africa Quiz on Monday, December 4th

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017: Read 20 minutes self-chosen book on Learning Ally; South Africa Quiz on Wednesday, November 29th

Monday, November 27th, 2017: Read 20 minutes self-chosen book on Learning Ally; North Africa Quiz in class tomorrow

Thursday, November 9th, 2017: No Homework; MAP testing tomorrow

Wednesday, November 8, 2017: Review of Literature Rough Draft and Reference List due: Tomorrow!  Print out 2 copies

Tuesday, November 7, 2017: Work on Review of Literature Rough Draft due Thursday, November 9th

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Work on Science Focus

Monday, October 30, 2017
Work on Science Focus

Friday, October 27, 2017
No Homework

Thursday, October 26, 2017
No Homework

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Essay due today

Monday, October 23, 2017
Titanic Project #1 due
Season essay due Wednesday, October 25

Friday, October 20, 2017
Titanic project #1 due Tuesday, October 24
Season essay due Wednesday, October 25

Thursday, October 19, 2017
Study for vocabulary quiz

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Rough draft of essay due
Study for vocab quiz on Friday

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Finish body paragraph and the conclusion of your essay

Monday, October 16, 2017
Finish the second body paragraph of your essay

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
No Homework

Thursday, October 5, 2017
Letter project (Rikki-Tikki-Tavi) due on Wednesday, October 11

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Vocabulary Packet

Study for Vocabulary/spelling test

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Vocabulary/spelling quiz on Thursday, October 5.

Monday, October 2, 2017
Vocabulary Packet due Thursday, October 5



Reading/Language Arts Homework - Mrs. Berg



1) Students are asked to read for 15 minutes each night. They will choose what they read, whether it be a novel, an online article, or a text for another class. Reading logs that have been initialed by both students and parents will be collected monthly. The next reading log is due Monday, February 5.

2) Article-a-Day can be found at digital.readworks.org and will be assigned in class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All students have the same password, so if they forget what it is they can email a classmate or me. Absent students can access the work from home in order to obtain full points for the week (5 pts/response).

3) Students will be asked to answer a journal prompt in class on Google Classroom on Mon, Wed & Fri. Five pts will be awarded for thoughtful, timely entries that are at least four lines long. If there is no school on a particular day, no entry is required.

Mon 1/22: No new homework. Catch up on late/missing work. MAP testing (reading) tomorrow.

Tues 1/23: Article-a-Day

Wed 1/24:

Thurs 1/25: Article-a-Day

Fri 1/26:



Mon 1/22: No new homework. Catch up on late/missing assignments.

Tues 1/23:

Wed 1/24:

Thurs 1/25:

Fri 1/26:


7th Grade Social Studies Homework

Friday 1-12-2018

Due Friday 1-19-2018 - 3 African Culturegrams with 4 side bar summaries for each country


Tuesday 1-09-2018

There are no assignments in Social Studies or in Culturegrams.


Thursday, 12-21-17

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

There are no assignments over the holiday. 

My God be with you and bless you all!!!


Sunday 12-17-2017

We have been talking, listening to interpretations and asking questions about the Patrick Henry speech for over a week. Just a reminder that the Patrick Henry speeches are due tomorrow, Monday 12-18-2017. Hopefully, you are all ready to recite this speech the way you believe                Mr. Henry did centuries ago.



Wednesday 12-13-2017

Due Thursday 12-14-2017 - Chapter 5 Section 2 bullet notes. The students were given this assignment on Tuesday 12-12-2017


Monday 12-11-17

There is no assignment tonight.

Tuesday 12-5-2017

Africa Map test tomorrow - study


Wednesday 11-29-2017

Due Thursday 11-30-2017 - Finish bullet noting Chapter 4 Section 2

There are no Culturegrams due until after the Africa test.

Study for the Africa test. Wednesday, 12-6-2017


Tuesday 11-28-2017

Due Wednesday 11-29-2017

Bullet note Chapter 4 Section 2 pps. 108 and 109

There are no Culturegrams due until after the Africa test.

Study for the Africa test. Wednesday, 12-6-2017


Monday 11-27-2017

There is no history tonight.

There are no Culturegrams due until after the Africa test.

Study for the Africa test. Wednesday, 12-6-2017


Thursday 11-16-2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!!    Please study for your Africa map test.

Here are 3 additional websites to use for study given to my by your classmates...    www.online.seterra.com   www.owlandmouse.com



There is no history or Culturegrams homework over the holiday. Remember the voluntary Christmas project...and remember the nut alert when making your project.


Wednesday 11-8-2017 and beyond

Students have begun Chapter 4 and with this they begin to learn bullet


Due Thursday 11-9-2017 - Chapter 4 Section 1 bullet notes through Commerce in New England on page 102.

Due Friday 11-10-2017 - 3 Africa Culturegrams

Due Wednesday 11-15-2017 - 3 Africa Culturegrams

Due Monday 11-13-2017 - Chapter 4 Section 1 bullet notes Middle Colonies and Southern Colonies through Tidewater and Backcountry.

Happy Thanksgiving

There are no Culturegrams due so that students can study for their test.

Wednesday December 6, 2017 - Africa map test 


Friday 11-3-2017

Due Monday 11-6-2017 - Chapter 3 Section 3 and 4 Key Terms and Bold Words

Due Friday 11-10-2017 - 3 African Culturegrams, study for the Africa map test which will be on December 6, 2017


Wednesday 11-1-2017

Due Friday 11-3-2017 - Completed Africa map with all countries and capitals identified in the map

3 African Culturegrams

Due Thursday 11-2-2017 - Chapter 3 Section 2 Key Terms and Bold Words



Monday 10-30-2017

Chapter 3 Section 1 Key Terms and Bold Words are due tomorrow 10/31/2017

HAPPY HALLOWEEN...there will be no homework!!!


Monday 10-23-2018 thru Friday 10-27-2017 *** See last entry for 11-3-2017

This homework listing is for the above week.

Monday 10-23-2017 - reread Chapter 2 as preparation for the Take Home test on Wednesday.

Tuesday 10-24-2017 - study the corrected Chapter 2 packet, the Key Terms and Bold Words and finish reviewing the Section Assessment questions at the end of each section in Chapter 2 as preparation for the Take Home test

Wednesday 10-25-2017 - Chapter 2 Take Home test - Due Thursday 10-26-2017 - All students must adhere to the following rules for a Take Home test:

1) Students may use any resource that we have used in school to do the test. Textbook, notes, Chapter 2 packet, key terms and bold words in notebook

2) No student is to start the test at school

3) No student is to use another student or person as a resource. Students are not to help each other or to do the test together.

4) When the test is completed and the student feels that all answers are their final answer, the students are to highlight each answer. In some cases, both the letter answer and the choice are to be highlighted.

5) The student is to bring the test to school on Thursday morning and the homeroom teacher will collect the tests for Mrs. Hoversen. 

6) Any late tests will automatically be assigned a 10% reduction to the grade.

Thursday 10-26-2017

No History homework


Due Friday 10-27-2017 - 3 African Culturegrams...While it is Fun Fair, the Junior High will continue to have a schedule of classes

Due Friday 11-3-2017 - A completed map of Africa with all capitals and countries in the correct place. We will not have finished all the African Culturegrams but the map will be corrected on this date.





Wednesday 10-18-2017

Chapter 2 Section 4 Key Terms and Bold Words in preparation for a discussion on the Protestant Reformation

3 Culturegrams due Friday 10-20-2017


Monday 10-16-2017

Due Tuesday 10-17-2017 - Finish all the bold word definitions in Chapter 2 Section 3

Due Friday 10-20-2017 - 3 African Culturegrams


Wednesday 10-11-2017

Due Thursday 10-12-2017 - Chapter 2 Section 3 Key Terms (blue vocabulary terms)

Due 10-10-2017 - Permission slip and photography release form for Friday 10-13 field trip

6 African Culturegrams are due Thursday 10-12-2017





Friday 10-6-2017

Due 10-10-2017 - Permission slip and photography release form for Friday 10-13 field trip

Due 10-10-2017 - Chapter 2 Section 2 Worksheet (2 pages marked 2-2)

6 African Culturegrams are due Thursday 10-12-2017




Tuesday 10-3-2017

There is no history homework.

6 African Culturegrams are due Thursday 10-12-2017


Thursday 9/28/2017

There is no history homework this weekend.

6 African Culturegrams are due on Thursday, October 12.


Tuesday 9-26-2017

Due Wednesday 9/27 - Chapter 2 Section 1 packet work (2 - 1, 2 pages)

Due Thursday 9/28 - Geographic Dictionary and 6 Culturegrams



Tuesday 9/19/2017

Culturegrams  - due 9/28/2017 - 6 Africa countries

History - Chapter 1 Section 3 - Blue Key Terms are due in notebook - due Wednesday 9/19/2017



Monday 9/18

Remember Culturegrams are a continuous assignment. 

There were 3 more assigned for this week 9/18 to 9/21


Wednesday 9/13

Finish Chapter 1 Section 1 vocabulary terms in the History notebook


Tuesday 9/12

No assignment in History

Culturegrams due Friday 9/15


Friday 9/8

History -due Monday 9/11 -  read and highlight the vocabulary sheet titled " Exploring the Renaissance". 

Students must make sure to have the History Atlas packet with them on Monday.

Due Friday 9/15 - 3 African Culturegrams



Wednesday 9/6

No History assignment tonight


Tuesday 9/5

Due Wednesday 9/6 - view Daniel Unsealed so1e09 - The Division of Europe on You Tube. Then complete the upper portion of the handout from today.

Remember Culturegrams are due Friday 9/8


Friday 9/1

Culturegrams - 3 African nations due Friday 9/8

The study of African countries through Culturegrams is an ongoing assignment that is due every Friday until the test.

Geography Dictionary - due Friday 9/29

Africa map due - October ( the last week)

Africa map test - December (the first week)

There is no history homework.


Wednesday 8/30

There is no at-home assignment as the class is working on a packet during classtime.

Culturegrams and the expections (in a handout)  will begin on Friday 9/1.


Monday 8/28

There is no assignment today


Thursday 8/24 and Friday 8/25

There is no homework for the 7th Grade.

All the work we are doing is being done in class.


Monday 8/21/2017

Welcome back!!!

There is no homework. Just get excited to learn!!!



7th Grade Science Homework

Monday, January 8, 2018 - Triboards are due tomorrow.  Oral reports begin tomorrow.  Be ready to speak tomorrow if you are scheduled and also if you are scheduled for the next day, just in case.  Folllow the oral report rubric.

3 copies of the final Science Focus report are due on Wednesday, Dec 20th along with an extra copy of the abstract.  FOLLOW THE RUBRIC ON PAGES 17 AND 18 IN THE SCIENCE FOCUS PACKET. 


Ever since Dec 5th we have been working on Science Focus data interpretation.  Make sure to follow your rubric.

Friday, Dec 1st - There will be an Open Notes quiz on Mendel and his pea plant experiments on this coming Monday, Dec 4th.  We spent all class period today reviewing yesterday's notes. Your Science Focus data is due on Tuesday, Dec 5th.

Thursday, Nov 30th - See Tuesday.  We reviewed today in class.

Wednesday, Nov 29th - See Tuesday.

Tuesday, Nov 28th - There will be a quiz on Friday based the Scientific Method crossword puzzle that we corrected today in class. There will not be a word bank.

Continue to work on gathering your data for your Science Focus project.  Data is due on Tuesday, Dec 5th.  Pay attention to any comments I have made to you regarding Review of Literature, Materials, Procedure,and Data table.

Monday, Nov 27th - Fill in Crossword puzzle on the Scientific Method.  Continue with your Science Focus project.  


Wednesday, Nov 15th - Materials and Procedure have not been shared with me by everyone.  Please do so.  Also, try to form a data table for your project in googlesheets.  Email me if you have questions.

Tuesday, Nov 14th - 1. Share with me your googledoc of the Materials and Procedure for your Science Focus project.   2. There is an Open Note test tomorrow on Unit 2, Lesson 2, Plant Bodies as Systems.  Open Note means you can use your three homework quizzes when you take the test.  There will not be any questions on tropisms.

Monday, Nov 13th - Finish the worksheet from Science World, if necessary.  Independent and Dependent Variables and the groups are due tomorrow.  Materials and Procedure are due on Wednesday as a googledoc.  Also, you will have an open note test on Wednesday on Plant Bodies as Systems.  You will be allowed to use the homework quizzes to refer to during the quiz.

******************************New trimester starts on Monday, Nov 13th************************

Friday, Nov 10th - See yesterday's homework.

Thursday, Nov 9th - Independent and Dependent Variables are due on Tuesday.  So are the groupings you are using in your lab procedure.  Next Wednesday the Materials and Procedure will be due.  Please submit Materials and Procedure as a googledoc.

Wednesday, Nov 8th - Rough draft of Review of Literature with citations and Reference List is due tomorrow.Hypothesis is also due on Thursday.

Monday, Nov 6th and Tuesday, Nov 7th - Work on your Rough Draft of the Review of LIterature. It is due on Thursday.  See your SF packet.

Friday, Nov. 3rd - Finish your notecards so you can start on the rough draft for the Review of Literature for Science Focus.

Thursday, November 2, 2017 - WAtch the youtube video by the Amoeba Sisters on Plant Structure and Adaptation.  HW quiz tomorrow will be open note.

November 1, 2017 - Go to textbook website (see Resource section above) and read and do the pages in Exploration 2 except for the Hands-on lab. Also, the list of vocab words that you were able to start in class, make sure you know the definitions.  The homework quiz tomorrow is on those vocab words. The words are photosynthesis, leaf, xylem, phloem, roots, taproots, fibrous roots, stems, and stoma (Plural, stomata).

Tuesday, Oct 31 - Go to textbook website (see Resource section above) and read and do pages 64-68 in the Student ebook.  It will not take you long.  There will be a short quiz based on this and the same pages/notes in class tomorrow.  This quiz will be non-graded.  Also, see Monday, Oct 30.

Monday, Oct 30 - Keep on working on notecards.  Try to have them done for Friday so you can then concentrate on putting together the Review of Literature.  Bring your textbook tomorrow because we will be going back into it.M

Friday, Oct 27 - Keep working on information from sources.  I was only able to see Periods 1 and 3 today because of Fun Fair, but to everyone, I advise to try getting all your notecards done by next Friday, so you can spend the five days after that writing your rough draft of the Review of Literature.

Thursday, Oct 26 - Keep working on information from sources.  Periods 1 and 3, we will probably have time in those classes to continue taking notes.

Wednesday, Oct 25 - Bring enough sources to be able to take notes all class period in both science and English.

Tuesday, Oct 24 - Three possible testable questions are due tomorrow on page 6 of the Science Focus notebook.  If you already have an approved question, then start looking up information for your Review of Literature. A few people still need to turn in the signature slip from the SF packet as well.

Monday, Oct 23 - If you haven't done so already, see the homework that was given on Friday.  Also, and very important, write out at least three possible testable questions on page 6 in your Science Focus notebook.

Friday, Oct 20 - Read Science Focus packet with parent and then sign and have parent sign bottom of cover page and bring it all back on Monday, Oct 23.

Thursday, Oct 19 - Study for tomorrow's quiz.  You have a study guide.  We reviewed today in class.

Wednesday, Oct 18 - Study for this Friday's quiz.  A study guide was given out today in class. We will finish going over it tomorrow in class.

Tuesday, Oct 17 - This homework is only for Periods 3 and 7, since I didn't see Period 1 due to Aspire testing.  1.  Go to googleclassroom and find the question about three possible Science Focus ideas.  2.  If you didn't finish pages 57 and 58 during class, finish it tonight.  We will discuss on Wednesday.  4. Do pages 61 and 62 in the textbook.  5.  There will be a quiz this coming Friday on Unit 2, Lesson 1, Levels of Organization  You will receive a study guide in class on Wednesday.

Monday, Oct 16 - None.

Friday, Oct 13 - None.

Thursday, Oct 12 - No homework.

Wednesday, Oct 11 - Period 1 - Page 49, #4; Period 3 - Page 49, #3 and #4; Period 7 - Page 49, #2, #3, #4. Everyone - page 53 and 54, read and fill in.

Tuesday, Oct 10 - Read and fill in pages 44 and 45 in the textbook.

Thursday, Oct 5 - If you did not yet turn in your crossword puzzle and key, you need to do so. I am attaching a grade to the puzzle. If you are caught up on everything, there is no other homework.  Enjoy the long weekend. (Tomorrow is Grandparents' Day, so regular classes are not held, just interacting with the grandparents and going to church.)

Wednesday, Oct 4 - If you didn't do so in class today, make a key for your crossword puzzle. If you need to redo your puzzle for some reason, then redo it and bring it in along with the key.  Also, in your textbook, read and fill in pages 33 and 34, and 37 through 39.

Tuesday, October 3 - Crossword puzzle that you make yourself.  It should be on graph paper with boxes and neat printing OR if you make it on a computer, you must print it out. See below for list of the 16 words.

The clues should consist of the function of the organelle or description of the type of cell. The clues should not be analogies from last night’s homework worksheet. Here are the words:



cell membrane

cell wall


genetic material



rough ER

smooth ER

golgi apparatus








Monday, October 2 - Read and fill in pages 24 and 25 in the textbook.  Complete the worksheet on The Cell is Like a City.


Friday, Sept 29 - None.

Thursday, Sept 28 - None

Wednesday, Sept 27  - Worksheet, 2 sided.  Follow the directions.

Tuesday, Sept 26 - None, except please bring in items that could be used in making a cell model.

Monday, Sept 25 - Read and fill out pages 20 through 23 in the textbook.  Also, prerequisites for retake on microscope quiz are due tomorrow.

Thursday, Sept 21 and Friday, Sept 22 - No homework.  Enjoy the three-day weekend.

Wednesday, Sept 20 - No homework today.  Please bring textbook to class on Thursday. We are starting into the next section.

Tuesday, Sept 19 - No homework today, UNLESS you earned a 1 on the science quiz and doing corrections.  Write the corrections on looseleaf and turn them in on Wednesday. Your quiz grade can raise up to a C-, if all corrections are done well.  We are doing microscope work again tomorrow.

Monday, Sept 18 - No homework today.  We are doing microscope work for the next couple of days.

Friday. Sept 15 - Study for microscope test on this coming Monday, Sept 18th.  See also Sept 14 homework.

Thursday, Sept 14 - Microscope quiz will be on this coming Monday, Sept 18th.  The quiz will look exactly like the worksheet we finished filling in today. You also received an enlarged photo of the microscope with the parts labled.  Also, you were shown in class how to access a fun website to practice your knowledge of the microscope.  To follow the links go to the Resources section on this webpage and find the part about microscope websites.

Wednesday, Sept 13 - There was a sub today and you read Science World.  Use study guide received on Monday to study for the quiz on Thursday.

Tuesday, Sept 12 - Use your study guide to study for the quiz on Lesson 1.  Study guide was given out and discussed on Monday, Sept 11th....Bring your Microscope worksheet back to class on Thursday so we can finish completing it after the quiz. Date for microscope quiz will be either Monday, Sept 18 or Tuesday, Sept 19.

Monday, Sept 11 - Textbook, pages 15 and 16.  CHANGE OF DATE FOR LESSON 1 QUIZ.  QUIZ WILL BE ON THURSDAY, SEPT 14TH. A study guide was given out in class today.

Friday, Sept 8 - Textbook, pages 10, 13, and 14.  There will be a quiz on Lesson 1 on Tuesday. We will review on Monday in class.

Thursday, Sept 7 - Textbook, pages 7, 8, and 9.  Read and fill in as necessary.

Wednesday, Sept 6 - Textbook pages 1 through 6.  Read and fill in as necessary.

Tuesday, Sept 5 - Two worksheets as follows:  

  • the one with the flashlight and box, fill in step 4 with some possible ways to change the conditions and then what you might expect as a result.  Fill in step 5.
  • the one with the car, read everything on the worksheet and then fill in #14, 15, and 16.  Do not do #17.

Thursday and Friday, Aug 30 and Sept 1 - No homework.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - None, but if you can bring in a one-inch binder, that would be great.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - Study for tomorrow's Safety Test.  Use the copy of the safety contract that you glued into your science spiral today as well as the worksheet that we corrected in class.  Also, if you can bring in a one-inch binder, that would be very helpful.


Monday, August 28, 2017 - Complete the Lab Safety Worksheet.  Also, the Safety Test will be this coming Wednesday, August 30.  Also, if you can bring in a one-inch binder, that would be very helpful.


7th Grade Religion Homework

7th Grade Religion Homework:

UNIT GOAL: I will have a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and will desire to follow Jesus.

Faith Focus: Jesus accepted his mission as Messiah at His baptism and was faithful to it during His temptation.

7th Grade Religion Homework:







Examples of How to Live out the Beatitudes