Suzanne Berg

Suzanne Berg

 Welcome to Ms. Berg's  Seventh Grade Class - Room 127

Background and Education: 
Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Education with middle school endorsements in English & Social Studies.
Bachelor of Arts in English, Indiana University

Teaching Experience:
This is my second year teaching 7th grade reading and language arts at St. Paul of the Cross School. Previous to that, I taught 10th grade English in the United Arab Emirates.

Additional Responsibilities at SPC:
I serve on the Sunshine Committee and co-chair the National Junior Honor Society Committee.

News and Events

I'm thrilled to have joined the St. Paul community last year and look forward to an exciting 2017-2018 with the seventh graders! I challenge all students to be ready to learn in Reading/Language Arts and to grow throughout the year in their faith identity. 


                                       PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT LETTER


Dear Parents,


I am thrilled to return to SPC for the 2017-2018 school year and look forward to working with the 7th graders! Hopefully your student has already told you about some of the activities we have worked on during our first few days together. We’ve also taken time to review our classroom rules and procedures that are posted on the wall; the students are expected to adhere to them daily.


As a class, we discussed how many of the 7th graders are able to ask questions, clarify confusion, and problem-solve on their own. However, as parents you play an integral role in your children’s education and I welcome your interaction, questions, and comments. Please feel free to contact me at any time and I will respond to you promptly.


Below is a list of textbooks and novels that we will use in class this year. Homework that is assigned will always be posted on my SPC page, so please refer to that if your child forgets to write it down. I look forward to challenging your children and having fun throughout the 2017-2018 school year!


Reading Materials




Bruiser by Neal Shusterman (summer reading choice)


Matched by Ally Condie (summer reading choice)


My Brother Sam is Dead by Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier



Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse


The Call of the Wild by Jack London






Language Arts Textbook


The Writer’s Craft






Please Note: Students should print assignments at home or use the local library.  

Retest Policy Handbook Entry

Purpose: The purpose and intent of the policy is to provide students with additional opportunities to show mastery of the standards in all content areas.

•All students will have retest opportunities available on assessments only if they have received a 76% or below, score proficiency level of a 1.

•The retest will cover the same material of the original test, however the test may be in a different format with questions changed.

•Students must request the reassessment within one class day of the teacher notifying them of the below average grade.

• Retesting can appear in different formats at the teacher's discretion. The student may be required to attend a tutorial, complete test corrections, or other task as directed by the teacher, in place of retesting or prior to retesting.

•Students caught cheating on a test may not request a retest.

•If a student scores lower on the retest, the original test grade will stand.

•The maximum grade received for retest will be a 78%, however level of proficiency may increase.  The campus policy will be consistent across content areas and all classes.  Example: If the student retests and receives an 82 % on the retest, their final grade will be a 78% on the test.

•All semester final exams are ineligible for retest.


     The Literature textbook can be accessed online at Each student has a username – his/her first initial and last name, followed by a “7” (Ex.: jsmith7) – and the password is universal for everyone (“student”).


Reading/Language Arts Homework - Mrs. Berg



1) Students are asked to read for 15 minutes each night. They will choose what they read, whether it be a novel, an online article, or a text for another class. Reading logs that have been initialed by both students and parents will be collected monthly. The next reading log is due Monday, February 5.

2) Article-a-Day can be found at and will be assigned in class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All students have the same password, so if they forget what it is they can email a classmate or me. Absent students can access the work from home in order to obtain full points for the week (5 pts/response).

3) Students will be asked to answer a journal prompt in class on Google Classroom on Mon, Wed & Fri. Five pts will be awarded for thoughtful, timely entries that are at least four lines long. If there is no school on a particular day, no entry is required.

Mon 1/22: No new homework. Catch up on late/missing work. MAP testing (reading) tomorrow.

Tues 1/23: Article-a-Day

Wed 1/24:

Thurs 1/25: Article-a-Day

Fri 1/26:



Mon 1/22: No new homework. Catch up on late/missing assignments.

Tues 1/23:

Wed 1/24:

Thurs 1/25:

Fri 1/26: