Susan Abbate

Susan Abbate

Welcome to Mrs. Abbate's Second Grade Class: Room 209

Background and Education:
B.A., Concordia University, River Forest, Illinois
Major in Elementary Education with minors in both Biology and Early Childhood Education

Teaching Experience:
I have been teaching since 1985. I started teaching at St. Paul of the Cross in 1999 and taught first grade here through 2010. I have many precious memories of my experiences teaching first graders. In 2010, I started teaching second grade. I love teaching second graders, especially preparing the students for their First Reconciliation and their First Holy Communion. I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting school year with the second graders!



Class News

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In Religion class, we have started Unit 4: Jesus Gives Us the Gift of Himself. In this unit, students will learn about the parts of the Mass and be able to join in. The children will be preparing to receive their First Holy Communion. 

We have are finishing Chapter 7 in math: Metric Measurement of Length. Students have been using a meterstick to estimate and measure length. They have been learning how to compare lengths in meters. Students have been using a centimeter ruler to measure, draw, and compare lengths of objects. They also solve one-step and two-step problems involving length.

We have have started Unit 3 in science: All About Animals. Students are learning that animals need air, water, food, shelter, and space as basic needs to survive. Students will be able to describe some ways that animals depend on plants to meet basic needs. Students will be comparing and contrasting the basic needs of plants and animals. They will describe and compare the different kinds of animals and become familiar with the structural characteristics of animals that are used to group them and how those characteristics help them meet their needs. Students will learn about the life cycles of different animals. Finally, students will learn about fossils and explain how fossils form and the information we learn about how plants and animals lived long ago.

We have started working on Unit 3 in social studies: Using Our Resources. Students are learning about natural resources and how people use them. They will be able to identify ways people conserve and care for the Earth's resources. Students will identify how  the geography of a place affects the way people live. Students will be able to compare urban, suburban, and rural areas.  










Homework for Students in Room 209
February 16, 2018
Reading: Read and log the time on your clock sheets.
Language Arts: Finish the adjective/noun worksheet and bring it back to
Spelling: Students should continue working on WTW spelling activities. The  
               three activities are due on Friday, Feb. 23, the day of the test.
Math: Practice math facts. We will have a Mad-Minute quiz on Tuesday.
Social Studies: Students have been assigned a President. 
     They should continue researching the information about
     their President to complete the two sheets they received.
     Students will also need one picture of their
     President to include in their report. This report is due
     on Thursday, February 22nd. Students will present the
     information to the class and their work will be displayed
     in the hall.
Parents, we are starting a unit called, Family Life, throughout our school. I sent home the Parent Connection booklet today in your student's weekly folder. Please read through this booklet and return it by the end of March as we will reuse these booklets next year. Have a wonderful long weekend!