2nd Grade

All students are tested using Fountas and Pinnell to determine their reading level. Students are then grouped into guided reading groups. Students work in small groups with the teacher to receive instruction tailored to their needs. When students are not working with the teacher they are moving through various literacy stations. Each station explores different topics such as, but not limited to, reading to self, partner reading, word work and writing. All students will visit each literacy station, including working with the teacher multiple times each week. These groups are quite flexible. It is possible that your child may move from one group to another throughout the year.

All second graders will also be using the Harcourt Storytown series which focuses on decoding and phonemic reading skills. There will be daily work that will be done together in class. Focus skills and phonics skill-of-the-week may be sent home for homework. Each class has a daily storytime and during the year, all of the children will be exposed to chapter books. All first-graders have an opportunity to participate in a monthly reading incentive program.

Math begins with a skill review from first grade including skip counting and using a hundreds chart. Beginning second trimester we move into regrouping which is the newer term for addition and subtraction with "borrowing." We end the year with fractions and capacity.

It is vitally important that students are practicing and memorizing their addition and subtraction math facts at home. Please try to spend about 10 minutes per night working on math facts.

The first trimester in Science focuses on Biology and plants. Second trimester focuses on animals and dinosaurs. We will be doing many hands on experiments and exploring how to properly use scientific equipment.

Social Studies focuses on the world around us and our government. We will be covering all three branches of the government and we will be doing a unit on the presidents. Our social studies book covers our heritage and ancestry. Finally, we will end the year by discussing our seven continents and four main oceans.

Students will have a spelling test every other week covering the spelling words from the program, Words Their Way. Students are given a new set of words, at their level, every other week. Also, students will be given monthly bonus words at the beginning of each month and will be tested on those bonus words at the end of each month.

Students will learn sentence structure and correct punctuation, the parts of speech, proper editing marks and how to use them in their writing. Students will practice proper sentence construction and explore various types of writing.

Second Grade religion focuses on preparing the students for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

Students will learn important vocabulary associated with both sacraments.

The two teachers will take the children on a tour of the adoration chapel, the upper and lower church, rectory, sacristy, and the confessionals.

The students will learn to pray the rosary and understand the mysteries associated with the rosary

Finally children will gain a deeper understanding of the Mass and the parts of the Mass.