P. E. Curriculum

Physical Education

First Grade

Students in first grade will work on locomotor and nonlocomotor skills. A health class will take place once a month to strengthen health awareness.

Second Grade

Students in second grade will strengthen their locomotor and nonlocomotor skills as well as understand spatial awareness of objects and people.

Third Grade

Students entering 3rd grade will begin to learn rules of games and demonstrate safe movements in physical activities.

Fourth Grade

Physical Education class in 4th grade will emphasize applying rules and safety procedures in physical activities.

Fifth Grade

Physical Education in 5th grade will work on implementing and strengthening rules and safety procedures in team sports.

Sixth Grade

Students in 6th grade physical education class will work on good sportsmanship while participating in a variety of leisure activities.

Seventh & Eighth Grade

7th and 8th grade students in physical education class will work on mastering rules and regulations of leisure and team sports.