5th Grade

Language Arts – Mrs. McCallister

Storytown, Harcourt, 2009

Harcourt Language, Harcourt, 2002

Students in 5th grade Language Arts will spend the majority of their time on daily sustained practice, applying what they learn.  Getting better at reading, writing and speaking requires doing it – a lot.  We will read a variety of texts; both fiction and non fiction.  Students will be responsible for weekly Independent Reading assignments, which will include readers’ response and log accompanied by a parent signature. Writing for a variety of authentic purposes will give students ample opportunity to apply and solidify foundational grammar and editing skills, as well as develop strategies to communicate effectively.  Student writers who write a lot learn more about the process because they have experience inside it.  Our students will build their skill from each encounter as they draft, rethink, revise and draft again.  Students will continue crafting carefully structured pieces using some of the most well suited authors as their mentors. We will write for several purposes including:  narrative, persuasion, expository,  letters, poetry,  and research writing to name some. Students will learn and practice many of the finer points of presenting information orally as well.  Students are asked to bring a one inch standard binder, five portfolio dividers for the binder, and a composition book.


Social Studies - Mrs. Bridget Fletcher

The United States, Harcourt, 2009.

The Fifth Grade Social Studies curriculum is American History which will focus on a variety of topics such as Native Americans, The Thirteen Colonies, The American Revolution, The Constitution and Government, and The Civil War. The last unit in the textbook covers World War I and World War II and explores the relationship between the United States and the World. The students will learn with a variety of interactive materials, online as well as with our text. They will complete several small assignments and projects in addition to regular assessments. The textbook may be accessed online at: http://www.eharcourtschool.com. Visit the teacher web page for the link. Each student will be given a username and password. Each student will be given a textbook to leave at home and there will be a set in the classroom for students to use. Geography and map-reading skills are also enriched using an atlas series called Atlas of Our Country’s History, Nystrom, 2009, which is located in the classroom.


Science - Ms. Ufheil

Scott Foresman Science, The Diamond Edition Pearson Education, 2008

The fifth grade science curriculum focuses on four main areas of science: life science, Earth science, physical science, and the science of space and technology. Hands on learning in the form of experiments enhance the curriculum. Students participate in labs, classroom discussions and Science Focus. The lessons are supplemented with Chapter Packets and primary and secondary source materials.  A Chromebooks with a Google Classroom account is required for note taking, vocabulary (terms), class work and selected homework assignments. Grades will be determined by student participation, effort, lab work, Google Classroom assignments, activity workbook assignments, as well as lesson and unit assessments.


Standard Math - Mrs. Ponicki

Students will develop mastery of 5th grade mathematic standards including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of both whole numbers, fractions and decimals.  The students will  also work in the areas of measurement, geometry, ration and introductory algebra concepts.  Students will use the Math in Focus text.  Lessons are based on  activities, modeling, number talks and problem solving-based work.  A math spiral or math binder with loose leaf paper is needed for class.  Homework is assigned nightly, usually from the text.  Tests will reflect material covered by the text as well as topics and applications discussed in class.  Trimester grades are determined by classroom assessments, homework and classwork.  Students can access the textbook and other resources at thinkcentral.com with Username: FirstInitialLastname   Password: student


Math Resource - Mrs. Dulski

Textbook: Math In Focus, 2015, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The resource math group will cover fifth grade material in a small group setting. The students will participate in daily drills, practice, and instruction on a more individualized basis. Emphasis will be placed on the mastery of grade level concepts.

Math Accelerated -

Students in this class will study fifth grade mathematic standards at a faster pace than the standard  grade level fifth grade students.  Class discussions tend to be at a deeper level and the applications of concepts more rigorous.

Math Advanced - Mr. Okimoto

Textbook: Math In Focus Course 1, 2015, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Grade 5 gifted math will be studying the sixth grade math curriculum.  The areas of concentration will consist of fractions, decimals, percents, ratios, proportions, patterns, measurement, co-ordinate graphing, order of operations, negative and positive integers, properties of numbers, geometry (including polygons, translations, rotations, reflections, congruence of plane figures, constructions, and basic algebraic expressions and solving of equations.  Students in this class will be learning math at a faster pace and on a deeper level through class discussions, collaboration, and investigation.  Homework is given every night including weekends to reinforce concepts and to have the students use their higher level thinking skills.

Religion – Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Ponicki, Ms. Ufheil

Christ Our Life – Loyola Press      Family Life

The fifth grade program focuses on the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, as the center of Christian life. The curriculum is designed to help students grow in their appreciation of the Church as a worshipping community and of Christ’s action among us in the Eucharistic liturgy as well as the sacraments.  Students are challenged to give worship to God through prayer, loving service, and celebration of the liturgical seasons. The text will be supplemented with additional activities as well as additional resources. Students participate in the First/Fifth grade Peace Partner program as well as regular attendance at Mass. Students also participate in a variety of service projects throughout the year.

The fifth grade curriculum also uses the Benziger Family Life program. Lessons from the text will be integrated into lessons throughout the school year with the exception of puberty and human reproduction. These lessons will be taught in gender specific groups in the Spring and advance notice will be given to parents.