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“Singapore math encourages parents to be open-minded.  Singapore math is not what most parents in the United States studied in school, but please don’t resist it…Part of Singapore math is children making meaning of the math… We not only want the students to get the right answer, but we also want them to know why it is correct.”  (quoted in Lewis Brown, Laura.  “What’s Singapore Math?”)

“…Math in Focus is beneficial for problem solving and … advantageous for procedural skills…”  (quoted in Jaciw, Andrew and others.  “Assessing Impact of Math in Focus, a ‘Singapore Math’ Program for American Schools”)

Click here to view the parent webinar that took place on Tuesday, December 12. This webinar is avaliable to view until the end of January.

Click here for information regarding Math in Focus at St.Paul of the Cross

Click here for Parent Coffee Presentation about Math from Mrs. Nicole Santoro


Background Videos by Grade Level and Chapter
Click on the grade level links below to view Math in Focus background videos and tutorials on concepts covered in the curriculum.